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  • goldsmith99 goldsmith99 Aug 28, 1998 12:08 AM Flag


    I still have not voted! Why ? My 3000 investment
    is worth about 100 bucks. After the next reverse
    split if it doesn't go down in value it will be worth
    100 bucks.(according to you) Right now a total loss
    is worth more to me than the stock is. If we reverse
    split again the stock will have to reach 48.00 a share
    just to equal my tax write off. I don't see that
    happening. They ( prdm ixys)Should have considered the
    problems they created by taking the stock from 14,000,000
    shares to 1,400,000. People sold and are pissed, why
    would they take the time to vote for a stock they sold
    because they got screwed. I lost my 3000 bucks. I take
    enjoyment knowing that that people who screwed us are going
    to lose more money than I am. I should have sold
    this on one of the high's but I'll write this off as a
    learning experience. I'm sorry for those of you counting
    on the merger, but I just can see us ever getting
    close to even. They need 250,000 votes out of 1,400,000
    it just points to too many people have sold and no
    longer give a damn!

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