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  • luis.mojica69 luis.mojica69 Jan 31, 2013 4:45 PM Flag

    Very encouraging from FOLD manangement

    Yesterday Manangement excerside 750K shares around $3.50 and this is 2 weeks before february 15 when they are showing results of their 12 month trial. This is very encouraging because it means they are very positive about their results. They may even already know the results and that is why they did it. If FOLD reveals positive results it might jump 50% intraday. Good luck longs proof is in their website see the last 10 SEC filings.

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    • Hey Sparky, management didn't exercise existing options - they granted new options to the management team. At first I thought this was just the usual annual giveaway to management as part of their comp program, but if you look back at the Form 4 filings, these grants for 2011 and 2012 were made in June. Looks like management is trying to take advantage of the crash in share price and accelerate their awards for 2013. You can still interpret this as positive, as they may expect that news over the next few months will drive the price back up by June, but this kind of manipulation of the timing of grants is very unethical - shareholders get shafted with bad news on the trial and then get shafted again as execs get cheap options, which will dilute them even further.

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      • Management can take advantage of the poor judgement of every shareholder that ditched their position on news that wasn't bad at all. Few looked passed the fact that errors can be made and that 96 percent of those using the drug chose to continue thereapy. We're talking about drugs that save lives here; and the FDA won't resist for a moment to grant approval of even a marginally effective drug. This company has one of the highest institution ownership percentages in their sector for a reason. Look out for the stampeed, the entire biotech sector is under evaluation. 2 trillion dollars of capital is about to shift. I have a few ideas of where it may go. Sorry if you were burned, but fundamentally, ethically, and technically this company is a winner.

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    • In 2 weeks they are NOT showing the 12 month results; those are before end of june (1/2 half of 2013). In two weeks they will talk about the secondary endpoints of the first six month trial and explain why their results with biopsy did not meet statistical significance. They will also talk about Pompes disease.
      If the secondary end points show a statistical significance such as urinary GL3 and GFR and then show an improvement in biopsy results at twelve months then the trial is back on track. Additionally with Pompes look for some colour on their efforts on their formulation and its subq version.

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