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  • dick.nixon dick.nixon Apr 24, 2013 12:41 PM Flag

    SPOT Global Phone

    It looks like GPS City is about to start selling the SPOT Global Phone. To me it looks a lot like an old GSP-1700 with a new faceplate, which would make sense, since they haven't made a new phone in years and new faceplates are cheap. But what confuses me is why they're calling it either the SPOT or the Global phone. It doesn't do tracking like SPOT. And it's not even close to global. But it probably will be cheap. Cheap enough that you can overlook the false advertising?

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    • Well, even though it is about 6 years old, the GSP-1700 is still smaller and lighter than the 9555, and has much higher uncompressed data rates. They have spent several years building a "consumer based" presence with SPOT. So it looks like it is simply an extension into that market to sell the duplex products. I would assume they will have some sort of combined pricing for SPOT users to add a "Global Phone". So they can undermine the Delorme InReach. The Inreach needs a Smart Phone and a InReach device to send/receive texts, but no data capability for the inreach.

      So the SPOT phone will give them increased functionality over a InReach/SPOT. Users can also use the SPOT Phone to tether to a Iphone/Android Phone so you can receive email and browse the web, share pictures on Facebook, etc. which you can not do with the Delorme.

      They have about 45MM in phone inventory. So every phone sold is Cash in the pocket, irregardless of service revenue.

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      • PCS,

        You did a better job of sounding like you were in the know when you stuck to quoting random COFACE/GSAT insiders...Now you're just making stuff up.

        Without spending too much money on consultants (which GSAT can't currently afford), let's count the number of outdoor rec subscribers who are going to take their GSP-1700 and their laptop into the woods to update Facebook or Twitter. Let's compare that to the number of Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya subscribers who can update social media straight from their handset. Check out the new Delorme Inreach SE - you don't even need a phone, you just take the device (no smartphone needed) wherever you want to go. More expensive than a SPOT, definitely, but cheaper than a satphone. The old Globalstar phone can't even send a text message!

        As for data speed, if I'm sending a 140 character update to Twitter or Facebook, just how much faster is 9.6 going to get it there then 2.4? Whatever time you save is going to be wasted by having to pull out your laptop, listen to your wife complain about why you brought it on a camping trip, boot up the laptop and then finally send the message, "just saw some bear poop. lolz. for real!"

        If GSAT's Hail Mary pass is a warehouse full of old phones, I think it's safe to say they're not winning the Super Bowl. One good piece of planning though - I bet a lot of those Covington Cajuns speak French. Will be useful when the French banks show up and ask, "où est mon nouveau bureau?" (where is my new office). And so it went.

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    • Help me out #$%$, is GPS city tied in with Gsat. Your semtiment of strong sell, are you talking about GSAT or GPS city. The selling of that phone would be small in the over all GSAT picture? Thanks.

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