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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Aug 29, 2002 2:54 PM Flag

    Cheney's on T.V. now......

    ....ostensibily, he's speaking to Korean War veterans on the Saddam threat..... but what he's really saying is "get ready, the clock is running!"

    the beat goes on...

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    • Waky,

      I do try to understand the folks on the other side of the fence... that's more consideration than we seem to get most of the time. I spent the first 14 years of my life travelling around the country/world while my dad was in the Air Force. My brother served a tour in Saudi during desert storm. Hell, I even let a German kid live in my home for a year. I've got a better than average view of the world and I try to be objective.

      I know there's evil in this world. I know it's hard to uncover. So, when it rears its head, I have no remorse in cutting it off.

    • waky,

      I don't want to get sucked into this thread... although it's always interesting to read the varied and intelligent viewpoints represented on the Hog Farm.

      You called us a bull and you said we are bullies... I guess that's one way of looking at it. Sometimes we twist an arm (economic sanctions), sometimes we break a leg (the Gulf War), and sometimes we clean house (ask the Taliban). Most of the time, we try to play nice and use reason. But, dangerous, unreasonable people require force.

      I'm not saying we're perfect, but we have shown a great deal, maybe too much, restraint in dealing with madmen and despots like Saddam. Even if he and all the others are our own creation, and I don't think they are, we still have to fix the mistake.

      Besides, blaming the U.S. for the problems in the Middle East or anywhere else is too simple. We're the strongest, we're the richest, and yes, we're the cockiest, but that doesn't mean that we created every problem in the world nor are we able to solve them all.

      It's almost funny to me that any of us can "KNOW" that George W. is making a mistake and that the Europeans and the rest of the world has to be right. The answer to the problem of Saddam and the Middle East is not obvious to me, but considering the potential nuclear/chemical threat and his willingness to use them, taking him out doesn't seem like the dumbest suggestion I've heard.

    • Every time I hear "bully" or "imperialism" from other countries I just cringe and think about all of the things we could do but don't (and go to great lengths to be just IMO) compared to what happens around the world in other country's back yards every time I listen to NPR or the BBC.

    • as the men like to say, "ours is bigger than theirs" it's the big "P.... Envy!"

      :-)the US has something the world lusts after, massive firepower and the money plus credibility to put their speaking voices to good use and the wherewithal to back up said voices with action

      it's good to hear from you again

    • "poorness"

      Compared to what? Our poor have higher standards of living, education and have more opportunities to move up than many of the poor and middle class around the world - country or contintent. And that is one fact I know from living abroad. Hypocrites over there maybe? And, IMO, that brings jeolously, envy and hatred - which is easier to do than dramatically improving their own conditions. After all, if they bring the U.S. "down", aren't they by default "moving up" on the ladder of success comparatively? The Olympics are irrelevant IMO.

    • <Yea, I would call it envy.>
      I do not think so...many people around the world realize the high proportion of poorness
      in parts of the US due to lack of a socialsystem comparable with the euiropean system.
      And:300 Mio Europeans make at least 100% more
      during olympic games etc....hence if you do compare not US like a country against f.e.Italy....but against Europe ,Asia,Afrika...there is not so much "envy" possible.
      No-as shamefull as it is JUST "THE TONE...AND NOT THE MUSIC"!!
      Saludos from peacefull Paraguay!

      P.S.How you think comes the "Gringo-thinking"in Latin-America!!???

    • There may very well be nothing we can do to prevent a horrible attack at some point in the future, and as Buffett has said, it's probable that at some point in our history, we will take a direct nuclear hit. I know alot of people who agree with that but take a fatalistic view of the situation and are against preemptive actions. But, pre-emptive action is worthwhile even if we can't completely prevent such an attack because (a) we might be able to postpone the timing of such an attack by setting the terrorists back 10 or 20 years; (b) we might be able to minimize the harm done by such an attack by making life so miserable for the terrorists that the best they can come up with is a dirty bomb rather than something more destructive; and (c) we can't let them do this without a fight as a matter of principle. If they are intent on this action, then the eye for an eye concept is going to apply as well. It could be argued that we are saving thousands of ARAB lives by preempting a terrorist strick that would FORCE us to retaliate in kind.

    • "Does anyone seriously believe that if Osama had nuclear capabilities last year, he wouldn't have used it?"

      Yep. They're the ones with their heads in the sand. Lot's of 'em out there all over the world - and they're the ones most vulnerable to a really bad beating by the bad guys. My 2 Yen worth anyway.

    • "Well I have lived on the other side of the fench for over 20 years."

      Obviously, living on the "other side of the fence" isn't always an enlightening experience.

      Just as those who have never strayed from this side of the fence can have a proper worldly perspective.


    • Well I have lived on the other side of the fench for over 20 years. Have you Joesasnak

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