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  • bribeavis bribeavis Sep 13, 2003 5:22 PM Flag

    Stock Screener Recommendations?

    The best I know of on the internet(and its free):

    The best I've ever seen:
    "Compact Disclosure", you can access it(for free) at some main city public libraries and colleges like UCLA, or buy a subscription.

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    • Bribeavis,
      Thanks for the Multex screener recommendation. Do you happen to know where I should to get a list of variable names I can use to write my own variable sets? For example, I have spent the past 30 minutes trying to get Multex screener to accept various script/math arrangements to do the following: price to sales <= .5 . It does not recognize my nomenclature for price and sales. What is the correct formulamatic names to use for sales and price? Any help is appreciated.

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      • I have only used the built in variables to create formulas.
        I would just use:"{Pr2SalesTTM}<=.5"
        I found {Pr2SalesTTM} when I expanded "valuation ratios" under screening variables in the "variable selection" area.
        I clicked on Price to sales ratio and then clicked the select button.
        Hope this helps.
        P.S. I may not be able to respond again for a week or so.

        Variable Description:


        Price to Sales Ratio, TTM

        This is the current Price divided by the Sales Per Share for the trailing twelve months. If there is a preliminary earnings announcement for a quarter that has recently ended, the revenue (sales) values from this announcement will be used in calculating the trailing twelve month revenue per share.

        NOTE: Most Banks and Finance companies do not report revenues when they announce their preliminary quarterly financial results in the press. When this happens, the trailing twelve month values will not be available (NA) until the complete quarter is released.

      • wstr-


        You can find "Price to Sales, TTM" under the "Valuation Ratios" pulldown file. Highlight it, hit the select button, and it should appear in the window at the bottom. You can then add operators and other terms.



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