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  • hclasvegas hclasvegas Dec 11, 2007 6:43 AM Flag

    CNBC- Buffett and the death tax,

    For those of you who sleep Buffett and Becky are talking the death tax again with the other guys giving opinions as well. Of course once again its mostly worthless bullshit and they STILL haven't disclosed the heart of the issue ! WHERE does Buffett think the tax should begin,5 mil, 10 mil, WHERE ? What tax rate would he use, 10 %,20 %,50 % of the second million ,what da f==k, did ANYONE @ CNBC go to f==kn high school ? AMAZING ?????? Even the guys are f==kn useless, what a shame to waste all this time with Buffett ! NO substance, ZERO , very sad. IF anyone knows Buffetts thinking with respect to this issue can you please post it,thank you.

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    • My estimate of a reasonable optimistic price is

      91K investments per share
      5K Geico structural, persistent underwriting profit
      80K 20x pre-tax non-insurance operating profits (still well under a peg of 1)

      Sums to 176k per A.

      Note - using the deep-value approach of Ben Graham that I've described before, which would be 15x pre-tax non-insurance operating profits, I'm getting 156K per A, which we've never reached yet.

      Buffett and Lynch stood on Ben Graham's shoulders. The difference between Buffett, Peter Lynch and Ben Graham is the emphasis on growth by Buffett and Lynch. They will pay up for growth. Lynch quantified it with the peg ratio. Imho, it's the difference between decent returns with a penchant for value traps, and astounding returns.

    • Why do you watch it, if you don't like it? Very unhealthy.

    • I totally agree ... I think Becky Quick & Buffett are joined at the hip ... why don't they give this guy his own show !

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      • CNBC does not need to give Buffett his own show. They want to keepthe so-called informed and well-to-do demographic audience tuned in to their station. They could care less about Buffett and what he stands for. It's all about marketing. And a lot of the viewers and posters here buy this crap hook line and sinker. Then they have the audacity to think somehow that they are well informed. We are all a bunch of idiots.

    • h,

      I read in Bill Gates Sr. book on this issue that Buffett feels so strongly about this particular issue that he won't sign a petition (along with a few hundred other gazillionaires) that lobbies to KEEP the death tax. He states the petition doesn't go nearly far enough.

      On a related NPR radio interview one time, I recall hearing that Buffett would like to raise the actual rate (after a few million non-taxed clip level) to some extremely hi number, 80-100%.

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