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  • fonetiks_man fonetiks_man Jul 27, 2009 5:32 PM Flag

    Amazing that AXP cut Costco members

    Costco members (who pay membership) are better than average credit risks.

    BRK owns 5,254,000 Costco shares.

    AXP butchered Costco card accounts the same way they did to others.

    Costco sales are down.

    Is that what you call 'teamwork'? I don't think so.

    AXP management and board need to GO. They have simply been bad news for everyone concerned.

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    • good stories, thanks.

      the world will be a better place when these fools at AXP are gone.

    • Amex just raised the limit of my Costco card from $10K to $14K. My average monthly spend on this card is around $500 and I've never had a balance. Maybe they think I'll buy a car with it.

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      • LIFE stories,etc...My middle son got married to a gal that bought a auto with a credit card(23% interest)...Anyways he paid that off,paid their student loans off & is now solvent,he got rid of her...

        DidNOT know until a few weeks ago that he personally had student loans...I paid everything cash up front(I thought)& he worked summers for the extries...A while back(weeks),he told me he had $30,000 of loans for him that he had paid off...

        IF I wd/have known I wd/have paid off & saved the interest...He went 6 years & told me he was beginning to like it,prof/student,etc...Said bull- buckie,take a degree & graduate,took 3 degrees...Believe that extrie $30 grand was for beer & girl-chasing...

        Wish I were young again,LOL...

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