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  • geepod2 geepod2 Nov 19, 2011 9:17 PM Flag


    With 230,000 new foreclosure proceedings in October; with unemployment continuing at 9%; with middle class wages stagnant or declining, for more than 10 years; with 15% of Americans living at or below the poverty level; with national educational standards falling below other countries, particularly in Asia; with 10% of the population commanding a huge proportion of the national wealth; with the national debt increasing at an alarming rate; with our government in a state of near-paralysis;how can we presume to challenge China for hegemony in Asia?
    Surely we need to get our own house in order first?

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    • baltbear Nov 22, 2011 12:56 PM Flag

      no, actually, i don't.
      i am playing by the rules of engagement that say the chinese get an opinion on minerals near viet nam, the phillipines, or on the bandit island of taiwan.
      what i am pointing out is the koolade driven assumption that fits so nicely into the republitard treason that americans should stop being americans.
      given the tiny list--that you half read and only acknowkledged, not answered,
      another exasmple of chinese hegemony into america is
      if the chinese feel some "right" to speak thus, they gave the same right to america.
      and no, i totally said not a phreaking word about "God."
      that's a republiatrd trick.
      and the imperisal chinese--o, that's right from the short list of points i mentioned as to why chinese hegemony is not ready for pprime time.

    • Balt.
      'The US has a right to interfere anywhere it claims its strategic interests are at risk.'
      You sound like a typical neocon: The USA has a God-given mandate to reshape the world in the image and likeness of America.
      Just like the Assyrians, the Egyptians, the Imperial Chinese, the Romans, the Papacy, the Spaniards, the British, the Fascists, the Communists.
      Dream on!

    • jeeps you are 100% correct.
      but how can we get our house in order?
      are we doomed?
      Repulitards and Democlowns can lead us?
      we are doomed!

    • baltbear Nov 21, 2011 6:35 PM Flag

      no business ethics???
      that's never true.
      u may mean the ethical range is from "get him before he gets you"
      to "get him before he can think about getting you"
      but it's still the ethical framework.
      i am sympathetic to geopod's pov for one reason, the usa has been skull-f**k'd by the replubliatrds into "heads, the rich win; poor, the public debt pays"...but it's not played nearly so hard as it can be in china, without somebody at least being called rude names for it.

    • baltbear Nov 21, 2011 6:05 PM Flag

      the question is >>which chicken<<.
      executing paulson, greenspan, a few others on pay-per-view would go a long way.
      if hitting a 7/11 is 5 years for like $200, then hijacking $100k thru "malfeasance" or "i just played the system" would be life without parole,
      and $ 100,001 a default capital crime.
      frinstance, madoff got about 1 minute per
      $250 he stole.
      fair enuff.
      when a guy hits a 7/11, stop him long enough to get his id, and he's served his time.

      that would be the "level playing field" phat cats are alwayas demanding,
      and an example of getting rid of unncessary regulations.

    • business ethics in China.
      there are none.

    • baltbear Nov 20, 2011 10:51 PM Flag

      evidently you don't know much about china.

    • testing, 123.

    • Our countries situation could get alot worse...We depend on our youth to succeed & keep the forward motion of progress going...Sadly,that is NOT the case...Below is a true story...

      Student(about 17yrs) goes to the HS main office,has an emergency & has to call home...Fine & dandy,call home...<MOM,my cell phone is DEAD,had only enough juice left only to get home # on my addy phone book...DONOT know now our home phone #,what do I do if an "incident"occurs???< MOM,borrow a friends cell phone...<I WANT a NEW CELL PHONE THAT WORKS!!!>...

      Yes,she was speaking loud enough for all in office to hear her 'emergency' phone call...Very sad today,young people canNOT add,canNOT read,canNOT spell,canNOT communicate except by text & worse canNOT think behind some diddly facebook entry...

      How do I know,Wifey volunteers @ the HS & handed her the phone for the emergency phone call...THIS is what has happened to our country & is TYPICAL of most all the teenagers,as well as GEN X,Y,& Z...GLWT...

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