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  • hunterpaul52 hunterpaul52 Feb 12, 2012 5:43 PM Flag

    All I know is

    All i know is that when face book begins selling on the open market, im selling off my gold investments and buying into facebook folks.

    I'm sure I wont be the only investor selling off my gold investments in order to get into facebook.

    I got to jump into the water on this one. They say facebook has the population of being the third worlds largest country, if it were a country.

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    • baltbear Feb 12, 2012 6:06 PM Flag

      yes, it sounds like that's all you know.

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      • well check this out, did u know that the majority of internet users are active facebook users. did u know that all of your common companies now market their product, goods and services by saying "like us on facebook" or "check us out on facebook". they dont say look us up on the internet.

        facebook is taking over, replacing google, yahoo, etc.

        just to market coca cola on face book is huge especially if you own shares of facebook and coca cola.

        did u know that the majority of humans, live socially on facebook. 20 years ago, alot of folks belonged to physical clubs such as country clubs but not today, its all about social media, thats the new way of living, did u know its part of ur reality, right now, thats right as u read this, u are part of this new way of living.

        if u havent experienced facebook for yourself, then u are actually living a second class lifestyle, i hate to say it, but the majority of the worlds populaion is on facebook!

        thats why im selling that useless shiny gold which did good in a depressed economy, but wake up, we arent in that type of econony anymore also this new human reality of living life on social media of facebook is normal, wake up to ur new reality! i'm buying into this fact, we arent in a depression anymore, gold is useless as a rare opportunity opens up to buy into facebook.

        if this theroy of living on social media wasnt true then why are u reading this right now?

    • LMFAO. How did all those "eyeball views" work out in the late 90s?

      I'll be sticking with REAL MONEY as the base of my wealth.

      You and senile Warren can sell gold and concentrate on owning worthless IOU promises to pay (NOTHING!) issued by a financially and morally bankrupt country that consumes far more than it produces.


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