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  • sonya20911 sonya20911 Mar 1, 2012 9:32 PM Flag

    Republicans are currently owned by corporations.

    do not leave out the reason for the war of 1812.
    why did the British invade us?
    anything to do with money?

    • The Democrats currently in power have made milking money from corporations an art form while at the same time vilifying corporations publicly to win voter approval.

      Reminds me of the FDR days.

      Make regulations that gives the politicians more control over the economy and if it works then good. If not then just make more regulations (even if the first set of regulations caused the failure to begin with).

      Either way, from a political point of view, the politicians win by gaining more conrol and power over industry.

      That is the reason why so many people say we are becoming more Fascist. That is what Fascism is ... political control over private enterprise. Nothing more and nothing less.

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