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  • geepod2 geepod2 Feb 1, 2013 2:01 PM Flag

    BRKB advances

    Hi HC.
    I see that the B's are currently being quoted at $98.3. That's a far cry from the $65 at which they started life after the split. Is this a natural result of your instructing Warren to make the split?
    But, hold on. The A's are marching in lockstep with the B's. Can it be that the B's are carrying the A's on their shoulders? Or is it rather that both A's and B's are profiting from the remarkable profitability of BNSF? Do you remember, at the time of the acquisition, how many people on this board complained that Warren was paying too much for BNSF? Is Warren having the last laugh? Again?

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    • hi geeps, brkb stock price responded to the authorized buyback in sept, 2011 and when buffett amended the original filing last Dec to lift the limit to 1.2 xs book the stock responded again. experts never talk about this but it couldn't be more obvious. Maybe some day buffett will allow becky to ask stck related questions like,

      if you had it to do over again, would you have split the Bs in 2006 and authorized a buyback at substantial discounts to IV, at that time ? I would be interested to see if buffett understands it, even now ? the easy money has been made in brkville old bud, it will be the slow grind going forward, unless the dow pops 3 % a month, forever !!

      what happened to my old pal tiempo ?

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