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  • svm13buck2013 svm13buck2013 Feb 13, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

    The Latest Updates: The arrests of illegal short seller "Fatty Boy" Jon Carnes (link)'s gang members.

    The Latest Updates: The arrests of illegal short seller "Fatty Boy" Jon Carnes (link)'s gang members.
    Tabloid writer and market manipulator Roddy Boyd (background link); the global investigative firm
    "Kroll (link)" and its client -the NASDAQ Stock Market's Listing Qualifications Department, headed
    by a notorious racist Michael Emen (link) were implicated in several criminal probesin China.
    The arrests of the Jon Carnes crime family – illegal stock short seller Jon Carnes and his gang
    members used 14 aliases and 42 various "Yahoo" chat room pseudonyms, duped the NASDAQ,
    FINRA, the SEC and the New York State Supreme Court: According to investigations by former law
    enforcement agents, illegal stock short seller "Fatty Boy" Jon Carnes (link) uses a total of 14 aliases and 42 Yahoo chat room names to hide his criminal activities. Jon Carnes's aliases include "Alfred Little", "EOS Holdings", "Andrew Wong", "IFRA", "Quantum Asset Management", "Drew Bernstein", "IFRA Group" and others… In July 2012, Jon Carnes's illegal activities, including fabrication of photos and documents, theft, money laundering, tax evasion, lies to law enforcement officials and corporate
    espionage, led to the arrests ofJon Carnes's gang members and the incoming prosecutions in early 2013 by two prosecutors' offices against Jon Carnes. Jon Carnes, his Chinese wife Liu Li (a Chinese national) and their fellow criminals may face up to 12 years each in prison. "Fatty Boy" Jon Carnes is currently a fugitive hiding in Vancouver.Jon Carnes made at least $10 million in illicit profits according to this Bloomberg article (link).
    Roddy Boyd, Manuel Asensio, a writer with the Barron’s magazine and NASDAQ’s notorious
    Michael Emen are also implicated in the criminal probesin China: According to former FBI agents’
    investigations, illegal stock short sellersRoddy Boyd (link) and his father Michael Boyd (a hedge fund
    manager whose $30 million trust accounts name his tabloid writer son Roddy Boyd as a beneficiary), are co-conspirators of the Jon Carnes crime family; Manuel Asensio (link), a known stock short seller
    permanently barred by the SEC from the U.S. securities industry (link to the SEC website in its litigation against Manuel Asensio) and a co-conspirator of Roddy Boyd; Investigative firm Kroll (link)'s China practice by the name of Kroll Advisory Solutions (link), operating illegally in China without authorization (under Chinese law, only law enforcement agencies are authorized to conduct investigative services); A writer with the Barron’s magazine (link) who is a long termfriend of Manuel Asensio and Roddy Boyd, along with his buddy tabloid writer Herb Greenberg (link), are all co-conspirators of the Jon Carnes crime family; The China head (link) of the accounting firm Marcum LLC, who shared the same office in Beijingwith Jon Carnesis also involved. Marcum currently audits several U.S. listed China based companies. “Mysteriously”, 60% of them are sold short by the same group of illegal short sellersinvolving
    Jon Carnes and Herb Greenberg. One may suspect that collusion between illegal stock short sellers and an issuer’s auditor has been a highly profitable business model…
    Criminal implications involving the NASDAQ and the notorious Michael Emen. The crime suspects
    blame the NASDAQ's Listing Qualifications Department, headed by a notorious NASDAQ bureaucrat
    Michael Emen, a racist alleged in a U.S. federal court lawsuit (website link) for their crimes. Chinese
    CC: ABC News, Brian Ross, SVM, Dr. Feng, Warren Buffet, BRK

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