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  • hjclasvegas6969 hjclasvegas6969 Feb 24, 2013 10:50 AM Flag

    o/t, APPLE, in case anyone is interested, from my private investor friends , my email,

    in todays paper there is a 4 page ad from WMT, cell phone promo, does everyone have it, is it a national promo ? First page offers Iphone, the 5 for 650 $$ and the 4, for 450 $$. Pages 2 and 3 are all Samsung. A cheaper phone with a low price monthly plan, the galaxy s11 for 300, the NOTE 11 for 280, the S111 for 150 and a few other cheaper droid options. The promo runs from today for a week. I would think this promo would hurt all other retail outlets maybe I’ll go by wmt later today and check it out, I need a magnifying glass to read the small print on these promos, lol. Seems to me the S111 is a very compelling value but I don’t use my S111 for high tech stuff which others may need on an iphone 5 ? So it’s a big week for apple. Last week experts made all kinds of predictions its hard to keep track of them all but I saw one lady expert say aapl might raise the div to 6 $$ a 1/4 or to yield 5 % plus. That other lady was one again saying 200ish was a favorite over 1000, great call from 450, lol, down 250 is more likely than up 550, maybe she aspires to be a Vegas bookie ? I’ll repeat my play. IF they raise the div to 3.25 plus Cook knows they are in trouble and hopes the 3.4 % yield will help the stock hold 425ish when they guide lower for the year. IF they raise the div to 3-3.25 tops and raise the authorized buyback by at least 20 billion and buy 50 million shs around 425ish that would be bullish for me. My guess the 1/4 and the year are in big trouble and even last week the stock had serious trouble getting to 450ish. aapl should set the table for higher income investors a smaller div with a big buyback appeals to people with income above 250k who don’t want taxable events going forward. Obviously the tax rate on divs will not be lower in our lifetime and no doubt might be higher if not soon, after the 2016 elections unless the gop can find leaders with common sense , a 3 to 1 shot maybe higher. Unless I hear something serious on the 27th the downside is still a favorite, imo. Hats off to gundlach and his amazing aapl call I hope he gives us an update on his thoughts very soon. Is this WMT ad national ? thanks.

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