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    They deleted this post when I posted it on the main thread - let's see how long this one lasts.

    [but I would ja_il any President who consistently raised spending faster than GDP growth. ]

    The US would have had no growth if we weren't for deficit spending and in case anyone hadn't realized we became a net importer long ago. Spending more than what we have is what has fueled our GDP growth in nominal terms - and incen_tivized the private sector to take on more debt - a win-win if you want to have nominal GDP growth, the catch is if they stop deficit spending the growth goes away and we end up in a recession or much worse.

    [Austerity is the Great Depression approach. ]

    This topic is deleted.
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    • The problem is, the deficit spending has been non-productive.

      "...major problem with our debt and deficit spending is that they have been non-productive. Unknown trillions have gone to wars, financing Pakistan's military and other spending, such as derrivitives and default swaps that has not added any real value to our homeland."

      Google the the following, "infrastructure create productive debt" to learn more.

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