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  • missedinv101 missedinv101 Mar 28, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    Humminbird - Healthcare


    [Obama was the first to seriously challenge the costs, and make savings stick.]

    Washington Post: 21 graphs that show America’s health-care prices are ludicrous

    It's a liberal rag, so it should be Kosher for your perusal.

    Please tell me Obama is succeeding in bringing down the costs of healthcare. Question: Why did these "honest" politicians call it "The Affordable HealthCare Act" when "AFFORDABILITY" was never part of the equation?? I'm so confused right now, I even tried looking at the graphs upside down, back to front and at 90 degree angles to see if my eyes were deceiving me. Hummingbird, I'm thinking you're giving your party way too much credit for things they haven't done, please fill me in. Hey, here's a thought, maybe we need more deficit spending to fix the problem. Quick, lets find a "Respectable" economist to justify more deficit spending so we can reduce healthcare costs.

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    • Missed, I have been pretty consistant in stipulating that a Universal Health care system was necessary. The costs and outcomes are much less expensive in ALL other countries, and the outcomes significantly better. I have written extensively on the UK , French, Dutch and Taiwanese systems on here amongst others, many of which I have lived under, and many of which, where top ups exist I have personally been responsible for/ involved in, the negotiations with top up insurers.

      Obamacare does fall short , no question, but unless and until this country figures out that Health care cannot be a private good, but is a public good, due to "freerider" and "externalities" amongst other things, and until Medical staff are paid a salary (rated on outcomes, for increases/bonus payments), and not a fee for care based system , it will never work..
      I have also lived the US system, and believe me when I say, it sucks big time, care and costs both ! both individually and collectively.
      why Car Insurance is mandatory and not medical insurance , staggers me.
      Obama care , to me, is a first step to getting the right debate going, whatever name you care to give it.

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