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  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Apr 9, 2013 12:33 PM Flag

    Just another example of gov't interference....


    i suppose the 16X7 one-piece wooden garage doors were high tech at some point in history and California and other states are still littered with these heavy beasts. They are a pain to work on and a pain to take out out. Since the lead paint rules have come out, many of us garage door company owners will not touch these with a ten-foot pole. You have to be certified to test them for lead paint and keep meticulous records. The area has to be taped off like a crime scene, special uniforms and hepa filters have to be used and these filters can only be used once. The door has to be wrapped in plastic and taken to a hazardous dump area. If you're not certified and get caught taking just ONE of these doors out, the fine is $54,500 dollars and could put every small business out of business. The gov't is concerned that a small child might be out on the concrete eating lead paint particles, even though the occupants of the house are in their 80's. The gov't in their mighty wisdom is concerned about property owners, but the gov't says that the owner of the house can take out their own door, which could easily put them in the hospital or in the grave. We quit taking them out or working on them a couple years ago. Just another example of GOV'T GONE CRAZY....

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