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  • zescrowman zescrowman Apr 10, 2013 1:15 PM Flag

    How much $ did

    jad leave on the table when he sold ???

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    • On 5/7/2012 (337 days ago), I sold BRK-B, and on the very same day, I bought VPU.

      If I were young enough to still be playing and making speculative single stock bets like BRK, I should have bought KKR instead.

      TVPI-1's: BRK-B, 27.1%; VPU, 17.3%; and KKR, 55.5%.

      VPU - Vanguard's ETF of 78 utility stocks, good dividend with slow, but steady growth. I've been restructuring my portfolio in anticipation of my death. My wife is very pleased with this selection, her father made his investment wealth decades ago in utilities and telecom, and I'm NOT unhappy with the trade either.

      KKR - A long, long time ago, when I was younger and stupider (hard to imagine, huh?), I was totally in awe of, and completely dumb struck by, the returns these guys made. I still own copies of "Barbarians At The Gate" (both the book and the DVD, 2 copies), George Anders' book: "Merchants of Debt" and Baker & Smith's book: "The New Financial Capitalists" (which is, I believe, the consumer edition of the internal handbook they wrote for George). But I owned MVC (run by one of Henry's former lieutenants, Mike) for many years and it was a disappointment, so I stayed away.

      Oh, by the way, JPM has been calling my preferreds, so I'm up to my ears now in cash. I wish there was something worth buying!

      Say Hi to spinach for me.

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