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  • jad1148 jad1148 Apr 25, 2013 5:34 AM Flag

    OT - Failure

    "I like to study failure". That's a WEB quote from yesterday's KO annual meeting. I agree. I believe that you'll learn more from studying your mistakes than you will from gloating over your successes. Some of your successes are probably just dumb luck anyways. What can you hope to learn from that?

    I see my old college economics professor is still studying failure. He has a new book coming out: "Champion of the Lark: Harold Churchill and the Presidency of Studebaker-Packard, 1956-1961". I really enjoyed his lectures. The bulk of his examples were based on the Packard automobile company, his PhD thesis had been based on it. He drove a really cool, dark grey, custom-built Avanti. Years earlier, as a child, the first car that really blew me away was a custom bodied (by Derham of Rosemont, PA) Packard. A beautiful, huge, white, upside down bathtub, from the late 40's or early 50's, that was being serviced in a garage where I would go to get my bicycle tires pumped. I "needed" to get air a couple of times a day for the several days that it was parked down there. Isn't it amazing how one can still remember, decades later, something that occupied no more than a few minutes of their life?

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