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  • edward_silvestri edward_silvestri Aug 18, 2013 5:38 AM Flag

    Up ~23.2 times in ~23.6 years

    For giggles I clicked on max under the chart, scrolled my mouse to the farthest left to January 1990 and divided that figure by Fridays closing price to get 23.2 something. I'm too lazy to figure out what that is compounded on a yearly basis. Anybody?

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    • Q : What's the 23.6 root of 23.2?

      A : 1.1425

      About 14% per year for the ENTIRE period.

    • For giggles, click max on the interactive chart, then click CHART SETTINGS, Chart Scale, and select Log.

      Can you see what I see?

      Can you visualize two different straight lines passing through the data (some points above your imaginary line, some point below, but, using a piece of black thread, fit the best straight line that you can to the two different data sets)?

      The first line that I visualize goes goes from Jan 1990 to Jan 2000 and has a slope (compound annual growth rate) of about 32% per year. My line looks like it crosses 20K on Jan 1995 and crosses 80K on Jan 2000.

      The second line that I visualize goes from Jan 2000 to Aug 2013 and has a slope (compound annual growth rate) of about 7% per year. My line looks like it crosses 80K on Jan 2005 and crosses 140K on Aug 2013.

      Now, if you bought any time after Jan 2000, and could trade (buy & sell) BRK at the exact same multiple (Price to Book Value ratio) do you want to take a guess at what your annualized total return might be?

    • Substitute the word "into" for the word "by", thanks.

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