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  • hjclasvegas6969 hjclasvegas6969 Sep 13, 2013 7:53 AM Flag

    Rich Man’s Recovery, mornin missed, when krugman gets it right,

    its not open to discussion, 20 more years bro !! the greatest of alllllllllllllll times !

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    • [But the rich have come roaring back, to such an extent that 95 percent of the gains from economic recovery since 2009 have gone to the famous 1 percent. In fact, more than 60 percent of the gains went to the top 0.1 percent, people with annual incomes of more than $1.9 million.]

      Where was Krugman warning of this while he was calling for bigger and bigger deficit spending, stimulus, bailing out the banks, etc?? Where was Krugman CONplaining about banksters and their bonuses for getting us into the financial crisis, during the financial crisis and post financial crisis??? Krugman is just as bought and paid for like the rest. And then throws out a bone for the record when the phase in near complete. Isn't Keynesian eCONomics as practiced by modern day Keynesians in AmeriCON like Krugman all about maintaining the status quo of those at the top?? So why is he CONplaining now? And why now?

      [ I guess I’d note that a large proportion of those super high incomes come from the financial industry, which is, as you may remember, the industry that taxpayers had to bail out after its looming collapse threatened to take down the whole economy.]

      Krugman was for bailing out the financial institutions, government guarantees on bank debt, duh stimulus, $10+ trillion in new deficit spending, 0% interest rates, trillions of dollars in QE, no?? Who the F did he think was going to benefit the most from all of that?? Certainly not joe6pak on main street. How did his loyal readers and duh party faithful miss that point?? Did Krugman CONplain when O put the same F ups that set us up for the financial crisis in the first place back in charge of financial matters in his administration - Larry, Timmy, Bernanke, Shapiro, Gensler and the other bit players??

      Also, note, Krugman only talks of income, not capital gains. How much did rich folks like Buffett make in income vs capital gains during this artificial government funded recovery??

      HC, this CONtry gets more dumbed down as each goes by.

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