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  • hjclasvegas6969 hjclasvegas6969 Oct 14, 2013 10:04 AM Flag

    dear uncle warren, use this Wednesday's CNBC opportunity to SHOCK THE WORLD, allow Becky to ask the following questions,

    the current value line claims there are rumors that you might be stepping down in the ,” not to distant future ”, we all know that’s nonsense unless you are having health issues. Please give us the facts.

    there are rumors you might be selling IBM, you have to disclose it in a few days anyway, and you first disclosed you were buying IBM with Becky years ago so, what are the facts ?

    if brk declared a 1 % div would the DEMAND for brk common increase and if not why not ?? Lets SHOCK THE WORLD, an interview with substance,

    Thank you, your favorite partner, hc.

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    • The dividend will come after all Buffett's shares are gifted to the Gates Foundation. Why would he or we care if a dividend provides demand for the stock? I'd rather the stock traded below book value and we bought back shares in size. If BRK issued a dividend I'd be forced to pay more taxes so let's put that off until post Buffett or AB-after Buffett.

      Rumor of selling IBM? That's silly. Rumors are there so GS and other firms can buy shares cheap. Thank you GS.

      Stepping down? Obviously if that were true he'll disclose the information as soon as possible.

    • Meatloaf, Meridith Whitney is starting a hedge fund, although she is losing all of her clients in her credit analysis business. You've stressed how she is so much brighter than Warren; are you going to move your mnoey to Meridith? Thanks, Bud.

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