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  • zescrowman zescrowman Nov 10, 2013 11:59 AM Flag

    MF BRK.A board: Dividend Thread

    EXTREMELY scary. At the beginning they briefly discuss whether BRK initiating a dividend would "tank" the stock price. There are a few posters that "get it" (i.e. that paying a dividend is a positive for a stock) but then there is a group of "intellectuals" who are sadly lacking common sense and always have to have the last word. If I had time to waste I would go back and see what they were saying about a stock split before it was announced.

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    • zman, i'll make it easy on you. When I was pounding the table for a stock split they called me, an, idiot degenerate headcase, #$%$ loving wino, strip club loving meatloaf eating dummy, and I forgot the bad things they said. The loyal children of the brkville madrassa can repeat all of his nonsense word for word for the past 40 years. When brk buys DVA does brk EVER buy from insiders who are selling ? Does brk ever buy IBM from insiders who are selling ? are THOSE SELLERS taking advantage from my loving uncle warren who is BUYING their shares ?? very sad.

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