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  • hjclasvegas6969 hjclasvegas6969 Nov 17, 2013 8:57 AM Flag

    9/30/13 holdings out for a favorite holdings, checking out BRK, and looking forward,

    I wonder how many shs are now owned by index funds and related holders ? Remember when experts were bashing me , telling me buffett would never split the stock because buffett didn't want, inferior, shareholders and index funds buying a more liquid brkb ? lol, if not for the split and authorized buyback brkb would still be selling near book. I wonder if uncle warren will ever take serious brk related questions ?? My guess, if asked TODAY, he would say the split and buyback added little to no added demand for brk. At least those moves helped to reduce the buffett discount. The GATES F is now selling about 25 million shs a year, the other foundations combined another 5 million or so, so 30 million shs will be sold in 2014, which requires about 3.5 BILLION in buying to absorb that selling, year after year, forever. I wonder how many children of the madrassa still agree with buffett, this selling adding to the FLOAT, forever, doesn't matter ?? I can take the children to the water fountain, but I cant make them , THINK !! Still waiting for buffett to respond to what VL said in its last report, will buffett be packing it in ? Will uncle do a real interview in 2014 ? Will ted play a larger role going forward ? Lots of uncertainty ??

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    • baltbear Nov 17, 2013 5:13 PM Flag

      Thumbs up.
      "The GATES F is now selling about 25 million shs a year, the other foundations combined another 5 million or so, " Source for that?
      So now WB shows up as a talking head, to compete with Cramer's bosses, to keep demand stable, and further commoditise the stock.
      To me a better wuestifon is, under a very overdo FUD correction is retail more likely to make withdrawals from "BRK free" funds, withdraw across the board, or just begin to work towards not being road kill, and lose the "picks" and the "tips" out of their ports?
      And DO remember, WB plays for WB, not retail, not "the mkt" or "the economy."

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