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  • jad1148 jad1148 Jul 6, 2014 7:03 AM Flag

    hc, The New vs the Old WEB

    hc, worth the read, IMO, post # 211669 on the other board.

    I share SteveStox's view that WEB has changed. IMO, the old WEB was a friend of the small investor, someone who could be trusted to call it like he saw it, letting the chips fall where they may, someone in the same league as Bogel, Grantham, and Hussman. The new WEB isn't anything like the old WEB.

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    • cant agree more

    • Well, if SteveStox said it, it must be true.

    • ++ IMO, the old WEB was a friend of the small investor, ++

      morning jad, in America you can be an atheist , you just cant question buffett ! buffett was NEVER EVER a friend of the small investor, like in never. IF he was he would have split the As 30 years ago and made it easier for small investors to buy round lots of brk. INSTEAD, he made it very clear in the 80s he wouldn't split the stock because a split would attract, INFERIOR INVESTORS, shame on him for not correcting that silly statement long ago. Small or low net worth investor doesn't mean, inferior, shame on him. buffett is no bogel, it aint even close bro. bogel was looking out for the small investor long before it was cool, bogel should be on Mount Rushmore. Not long ago buffett said something like stocks were fully valued, or fair value, the spy sold off, the press blamed buffett, he will never make that statement again in his lifetime. buffett didn't even know how much the KO gangbangers were stealing from him, and other KO shareholders , shocking. munger has become a total embarrassment at djco, this ain't mommas brk any longer, no way. That said aapl will be called from me, the aapl puts will expire worthless hence brkb is once again my largest exposure by far. I'd rather bet on the low cost hypocrites at brk then the corporate gangbangers at the KOs of the world. what a contry !

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      • baltbear Jul 6, 2014 5:12 PM Flag

        HC, As rare as it is...thumbs up. Id say WB's "inferior investor" was what you or I would be honest and call traders and speculators and specialists--specialists being 3 grades lower than lawyers on the pondscum ladder.
        If WB were to listen to me there'd be another "split" at this point: BRKC, trading at 1/10 of the B.
        THEN it would make sense to have a div of 2% of the surplus cash go to A shares, since it would obey rule #1 of Wall St.---"ph*** retail.

      • " in America you can be an atheist , you just cant question buffett !"

        You know that is BS. I question everything Buffett. By my nature, I question everything about everything. That said, I have always concluded that Buffett has been quite consistent throughout the years. You, on the other hand, have been consistently illogical.

        You can make this sheet up, yes way!

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