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  • hjclasvegas6969 hjclasvegas6969 Jul 6, 2014 10:05 AM Flag

    buffetts 1992 annual letter read this section, Two New Accounting Rules and a Plea for One More,

    once upon a time buffett understood the stock option issue and raised the question, how should the options be treated, aka, if they aren't an expense, what are they ? I guess at KO 2014 gangbangers taking 10 % of stockholders equity every 5-6 years or so is now, a gift ??????

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    • WEB once bought a little textile company because he didn't like what the CEO did. The company was called Berkshire Hathaway, the CEO was Stanton and the reason WEB bought the company was because Stanton undercut WEB by 1/8 of a dollar per share on a tender. After WEB bought the company he fired Stanton. Revenge is expensive.

      I think I read somewhere WEB said he would be worth another 200 billion (with a B) if he didn't buy that #$%$ textile company.

      Now WEB will barely cry foul when someone picks his pocket for billions.

      My ... how people change.

    • How does a logical person make that connection? Buffett once knew that stock options are expenses, but now he doesn't? Can you provide proof?

      Why do you think Buffett thinks the KO compensation plan is a gift, rather than an expense? Please back your assertion up, sharing your sources of course.

      You can make this sheet up, yes way!

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