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  • PLanigan PLanigan Mar 11, 1998 8:14 AM Flag

    Brokers versus BRKa

    If we mere mortalsdon't do something, no one else will. What leadership have the churches given on this? What the Catholic Church has done in third world nations is terrible....more parishiners at the risk of those starving!

    It's Warren's money, deserves to do with it whatever he wants.

    Incidentally, if you saw the Barron's article questioning the need for population control, it was seriously flawed...led you to beleive (by accident, I hope) that there is actually a declining of the world population.

    Travel to the interior of Mexico, India, and Africa such as I have and you will find the conidtions intollerable and no one is there to help them or educate them on family planning.

    Go for it Warren! To hell with the jealous people!

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    • I do truly believe that Warren Buffett, by virtue of his talent for making money, is probably one of the most tested people
      on the face of the earth. Imagine the perversity you could spawn with that much money! Instead of doing this, he set himself a
      very reasonable limit of $100,000 per year (probably after the bills were paid off), and lives fairly happily off that. In
      addition, he is not being so foolish as to leave his kids large amounts of money, so that they can do the mischief he neglected to do.
      It seems to me that WB probably will go through that needle's eye--with the blessing of everyone who comes in contact with him
      or his company. How many people get the opportunity to change so many other's lives?

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