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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Jun 19, 1998 8:43 AM Flag

    Rumor re Yahoo's Threads

    it would be a mistake to shut this board down.
    The paradox of BRK is: the higher it goes, the less I
    can talk about it. This board is my outlet. If a
    friend asks what stocks I hold I say I have a "few
    shares" of BRK.and let it go at that. People outside the
    BRK community just don't understand. When you buy
    your first share it becomes a life-changing event. If
    this board goes down, and the new boards are no good,
    then I'll take the train into Union Station and meet
    you and Cowboy for lunch.

    • If you all DO meet for lunch inside the beltway
      and have a BRK Reunion east, please don't forget
      gmu_history and gmu_mba.

      Shall we agree to use our
      current handles if we end up on another board? I also
      vote for Motley Fool.

    • Bobo.

      Good post. I intend to keep using
      this board as well.

      I also check other Brk.
      boards when I hear about them.

      I like to get all
      the Input I can on Brk. I take it wherever, I can get

      May the WEB be with you.

      Best Regards T.C.

    • Well said. Let me know when you're inside the
      beltway, we'll have a BRK east reunion (home of

      Iggy, sorry about the last post, I meant to comment on
      your MO comments, then began to respond to spyderweb(I
      didn't realize others had already discussed GDP growth).
      As to MO, don't forget Kraft/General Foods,
      Maxwellhouse,etc.. I don't have any MO, but it had a nice bounce
      yesterday. They could always pull a TCI multi-share deal or
      spinoff. Who knows what the guys in Richmond have in

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