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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Jun 19, 1998 8:43 AM Flag

    Rumor re Yahoo's Threads

    it would be a mistake to shut this board down.
    The paradox of BRK is: the higher it goes, the less I
    can talk about it. This board is my outlet. If a
    friend asks what stocks I hold I say I have a "few
    shares" of BRK.and let it go at that. People outside the
    BRK community just don't understand. When you buy
    your first share it becomes a life-changing event. If
    this board goes down, and the new boards are no good,
    then I'll take the train into Union Station and meet
    you and Cowboy for lunch.

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    • If you all DO meet for lunch inside the beltway
      and have a BRK Reunion east, please don't forget
      gmu_history and gmu_mba.

      Shall we agree to use our
      current handles if we end up on another board? I also
      vote for Motley Fool.

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      • So if you are the first to use your name on the
        other board, you can trademark it. Ignoramus, do you
        have plans for enforcing your trademark/tradename, or
        are tm your initials? If you are providing notice of
        your tradename, register your tradename through the
        trademark office and you can change the (TM) symbol to (R)
        and prevent others from using a confusingly similar

        All gmu'ers will definitely be

    • Well said. Let me know when you're inside the
      beltway, we'll have a BRK east reunion (home of

      Iggy, sorry about the last post, I meant to comment on
      your MO comments, then began to respond to spyderweb(I
      didn't realize others had already discussed GDP growth).
      As to MO, don't forget Kraft/General Foods,
      Maxwellhouse,etc.. I don't have any MO, but it had a nice bounce
      yesterday. They could always pull a TCI multi-share deal or
      spinoff. Who knows what the guys in Richmond have in

    • Bobo.

      Good post. I intend to keep using
      this board as well.

      I also check other Brk.
      boards when I hear about them.

      I like to get all
      the Input I can on Brk. I take it wherever, I can get

      May the WEB be with you.

      Best Regards T.C.

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