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  • joerob88 joerob88 Jun 26, 1998 11:41 AM Flag


    I a novice investor, but i know enough to know
    that if Warren Buffet is investing in silver then i
    should be ! Has anyone got any idears of how i can
    invest directly in silver over the medium to long term?
    Its value looks very compelling still.

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    • is my experiance with
      silver. Back in the 70s I bought some in the form of
      "junk coins" [circulated pre-1964 dimes, quarters,
      halfs and dollars] It's the fastest and easiest way for
      the little guy to get into gold or silver. Plus
      there's no paperwork beyond a cash register reciept. I
      never made any money because I got in late. It's
      probably too late again if WEB purchases are common
      knowledge. FYI, it was the Russians that killed the metals
      market last time. They aren't too worried about EPA
      regulations, workers rights ect ect. They go in quick and
      dirty and are a low cost producer.Best of luck Joe

    • Mr. Rob88:


      Don't buy silver
      because Buffet bought silver. He may have bought it as a
      hedge against other investments he holds. He may have
      bought it because he can make money off it that you
      can't (by lending it to short-sellers, and such). He
      may have bought at a price much lower than you'd get
      because of *when* he bought, or even how much. He may
      have sold it already. His time window may differ
      substantially from yours. He may lack the opportunities you
      have, etc.

      You and only you have to determine
      which investments make sense for you, your life, your
      goals, and your portfolio.

    • Stock up on photo film, it has a lot of silver in it.

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