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  • asdsdf asdsdf Jul 12, 1998 2:07 AM Flag

    Need some advise

    I lost 3 or 4 yards before. (Investment went
    under) And it sucks. I was kinda in a daze for a month,
    but later I realized it didn't change anything. From
    there, another lesson was learned.

    To the guy
    who bought at 84k:
    I wish you weren't on margin.
    Then you can wait it out. I would take every penny you
    can scrounge up and move it into your margin account.
    Start going into super-frugal mode. (like our good
    friend GREG :-) ) Do whatever you can. You don't want to
    be paying 10% for margin interest.

    Murphy, once your broker forces you to liquidate, Brk
    will shoot up. I remember reading a message a few
    hundred posts back. It was titled SELL BRK NOW (or
    something like that). Curious, I opened the message. It
    said: "Because I just bought Brk! I had a good chuckle.
    I think we all know the feeling.

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