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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Jul 10, 1998 11:28 AM Flag


    How you doin' bro? You still on the thread? Man,
    I'd sho like to hear from you. See, I gotta a new
    plan, Stan. This one's the real deal, Neal.......Here's
    how we take down Mr. Charlie one mo time.....Say
    what?........sell crack to Charlie's kids? Naw man, that's already
    been done. Say good bye to selling nickel rocks and
    say hello to Bond Trading! Check this out....You are
    now CEO of Elk Investments Inc, a "minority
    underwriter". A new $7 billion issue of federally backed
    municipal bonds is fixin' to come out. Federal set-aside
    law requires minority participation in the selling of
    these bonds. I already talked to the lead underwriter
    and he be hurtin' for a "minority underwriter"....Say
    what?........actually sell some bonds?.....sheeeeeit boy! you dumber'n
    you look! They gonna handle all that mess and you
    gonna get a check for $250.000. All you need is an
    address and a telephone........Soon as we wrap up this
    bond deal, we be headin' out to Seattle....look up a
    white dude name a Gates. Dude's got more money than
    Michael. We gonna be checking out his record on
    minorities.........Stay in touch............BoBo X

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