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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Jul 29, 1998 4:52 PM Flag


    You guys got to get hip to the new academic canon
    of.......Multiculturalism & Diversity. Why it's practically a dicipline of
    it's own!! My wife's working on her doctorate and is a
    graduate teaching assistant and if she were to dare raise
    the points that you guys made she would be shunned in
    the English Dept. No one could dare to challenge the
    Political Correctness thought police without committing
    career suicide. You think I'm kidding? way !! My
    wife won't let me go to faculty receptions.......she's
    afraid I'll punch out somebody. BTW.....last time I
    checked USC was they can do as they
    please. I haven't given one cent to my old alma mater
    since they established a Co-ordinator for Gay and
    Lesbian Rights. If they got $80,000 a year to pay her
    they don't need my donation. The beat goes on.

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