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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Aug 7, 1998 1:40 PM Flag

    Bad Judgement!

    ........Sunbeam, if they ever held a Bad
    Judgement parade, I would be Grand Marshall. I passed on
    BRK in '79, '84, '88 and '90...........thought it was
    way too expensive! Finally at the "B" ipo I started
    buying and managed to catch the dips it seems whenever I
    bought. What the heck....if I was clairvoyant I would be
    at Laurel racetrack betting the ponys........the
    beat goes on......

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    • Well, bobo, for some unknown reason I also have
      something strange happen to me.

      Whenever I buy any
      stock, it immediately goes down and stays under what I
      bought it for a while.

      Why that happens, I have
      no idea. It could be either a bias in my
      observations (that is, I am seeing what is not actually
      happening) or, more likely, a statistical fluke (like five
      tails in a row). But maybe it is something else. It
      happened too often.

      Eventually, things worked out
      OK after I held on for a while, but I am still

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