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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Aug 27, 1998 7:45 PM Flag

    dear warren,

    ..........check out the charts on BRK
    performance. Time is on our side and Buffet has plenty of cash
    to work with. After the GenRe deal shakes out he'll
    have even more. He's probably putting together his
    next deal right now. Aynrands tongue in cheek post of
    a GE merger some day doesn't seem that far fetched
    to me.

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    • Even tho BRK shares have suffered along with the
      rest of the Mkt. lately, they haven't gone down nearly
      as much, percentage wise, as the S&P 500. Buffet's
      shares are actually showing amazing resistence to down-
      side pressure.

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      • I haven't posted on this particular board before,
        but over on one of the mining stock boards, I posted
        this link to Eastman Kodak's most recent SEC

        Below is a relevant extract from this SEC

        The Company has used silver option and forward
        contracts to minimize its exposure to
        increases in
        silver price in 1998. As of June 30, 1998, the Company
        had hedged almost all of its
        planned silver
        requirements for 1998, and had open forward contracts. Based
        on broker-quoted
        termination values, if the price
        of silver decreased 10% from $5.36 per troy ounce at
        June 30,
        1998, the fair value of silver forward
        contracts would be reduced by $16 million. Such
        in fair value, if realized, would be offset by lower
        costs of silver-containing products
        during 1998.

        Not very hard to interpret this


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