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  • ignoramus_ ignoramus_ Aug 28, 1998 12:14 PM Flag

    Will the merger fail if BRK falls furthe

    I will repeat the question that I asked earlier.
    My questions were dismissed because people thought
    that Berkshire was not going down any further. Which
    it did promptly, and I was right.

    What are
    the chances of GRN shareholders NOT approving
    deal if BRK continues tanking?

    I mean, at the
    current price, BRK is really way down and GRN
    shareholders seem to get a pretty raw deal, if you ask

    What is the likelihood that the merger will be blocked
    by GRN shareholder lawsuits?

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    • The merger calls for each GRN share to be
      converted into 0.0035 of a BRK.A share. GRN is now $207.5,
      and BRK.A is $60,500. 0.0035 of $60,500 is $211.75
      (higher than GRN at $207.5 right now). Therefore, it is
      to GRN shareholders' advantage to approve the deal
      (at current prices). GRN shareholders don't get a raw
      deal, BRK shareholders do.

    • ...........I think that WEB will be taking the
      company in new directions in the coming century. The
      silver play was a tip-off, and there could be plenty
      more "non-equity" plays where that came from. One of
      the things that I love about being a member of the
      BRK community is that we get ring-side seats to all
      of WEB's title fights......and we're betting big
      time that an aging champion will put another
      ass-whuppin' on the markets.......we can't get out, because
      where you gonna go for that kind of action?.........the
      beat goes on........bobo

    • "Yeah.. looks like Warren might have his hands
      full... But then again, everytime there's a really good
      opportunity Warren's right there to take advantage of

      & his excellent crew, let's not forget.

      thing is, even if BRK/National Indemnity takes a hit on
      their float, that's already been figured in (or they
      ain't been doing their actuarial due diligence) and, I
      would guess, that would also mean that whoever they
      were re-insuring were getting REALLY shafted. WEB
      talks about re-in premiums being down lately. After
      (if) a big doozy 3-4Q, wouldn't you think premiums
      would get a Big Uptick? & when the grn/brk thang goes
      through, guess who's gonna be able to pick up those
      preemies?! Woo-Hoo!

      Note: I am *not* wishing for
      misery & suffering, btw. I'm saying *if*. If it Ain't,
      then we get to use the float for a while more. I like
      that just as much, even better.

      With the
      current market, Web probably already got his dance
      oxfords tied tight and getting ready to boogie on the
      market floor. I'm picturing that right now, pretty

      Too bad we can't get a peek at his dance card,


      - infernal

    • {Looks like it might be a doozy this

      Yeah.. looks like Warren might have his hands full...
      But then again, everytime there's a really good
      opportunity Warren's right there to take advantage of it. Who
      knows a year from now when the Dow's down 70% and gold
      surprised the world on its unpressidented rebound, we'll
      probably read somewhere that WEB sold 90% of his equities
      and bought up the worlds supply of gold or oil or ??
      If I'm not mistaken, he raised quite a bit of cash
      just before the 1987 crash. But we didn't know about
      it until way later... I can't wait to hear what he
      has to say about the current market bath!

    • bobo sez:

      "By all accounts the weather in
      China is even worse than their censors will admit. I
      expect that disease and hunger will

      Well, they're probably not the only spot in the hood
      where that's the case. I wonder what's happening in
      Indonesia right now for instance -- not necessarily
      weather-wise, but just plain pain & hunger.

      The number I
      heard on the radio was that 20% of China's population
      is affected directly by the flood. If that's true,
      then think: China's got around 20-25% of the world's
      population. So we're looking at a full 4-5% of the world's
      population being affected by this single flood!

      As to
      rice futures & such, I don't know anything about
      commodities. If it gets bad enough, there are also the
      international relief agencies (e.g., like in N. Korea). They do
      eat wheat in China, you know.

      What a freaking
      mess this planet is! Probably always was when we
      weren't paying attention.

      btw, the folks in s & n
      carolina probably aren't feeling too damned good either
      'bout now. Which brings us back to topic; how about
      BRK's reinsurance exposure to hurricane season? Looks
      like it might be a doozy this


      - infernal

    • always, an interesting post from
      you. By all accounts the weather in China is even
      worse than their censors will admit. I expect that
      disease and hunger will follow. We've got plenty of
      medicine and plenty of grain; so President Gore will be
      holding Aces wired in the hole when he eventually meets
      with the Chinese. Perhaps WEB is buying rice futures
      tonight. The beat goes on...........bobo

    • As the price of BRKbs have been dropping, I have
      been moving my holdings from my regular IRA into a
      Roth IRA. I still have 17 more shares which I plan on
      moving next week. For those who qualify, you can spread
      the tax owed over a four year period. Then let those
      baby "Bees" grow tax free!

      Any reason this
      would not be a good move? I'm always ready to learn.

    • Hi bobo, long time no speak. Hope all is well
      with all y'all.

      I don't watch the talking heads
      so I'm basing this on your post. My take on the
      Russian panic isn't so much that the rouble is collapsing
      (which it seems to be, and I hear that US$ seem to be
      the *real* currency there now) but that political
      stability is in question (so, what else is new?). I read a
      statistic (right or wrong) that the Russian GDP is around
      that of the Netherlands or so. Don't have the numbers
      to confirm that, but you get the point.

      what we need. If yeltsin goes and some Russian Mafia
      coalition controls the Duma & the presidency, who's got
      their finger on them nukes?

      China, however,
      might have a lot of interest and trade with Russia, I
      think. That might be a bigger fear; no one wants to see
      China devalue, because that might set off a whole new
      round of asian devaluations. It still might happen.
      That flood they got ain't pretty. Makes the missippi
      river floods from a few years back look like a wading

      Domino effect, I guess, is the big fear. Maybe it's the
      (ex)communist revenge? Who knows.

      Money flows don't
      *have* to be rational. If they were, we couldn't be
      value players, now, could we?



    • .......yes,according to the panelists on Wall St
      Week tonight......several specific comments that major
      blue chips...Coke, Merck, Schering Plough ect were
      victims of this weeks over reaction to the Ruble
      "crisis"........What "crisis"?.......we do more business with the
      Domican Republic than with Russia.

    • I still don't see the end to this plunge. I know I know, this is exactly what WEB wants so he can get some great deals but boy do I hate to see my owner's equity plummet.

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