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  • vontzen vontzen Sep 3, 1998 5:54 PM Flag

    Is BRKA a Good Buy? A historical perspec

    Lose on know it all freaks

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    • Sorry to hear that you are down over 25%. (if you
      held on) But, let me add that we are all down 25%,
      regardless of when Brk was bought. Those who bought when Brk
      was say, $10,000 still lost over $20k per share from
      the peak. Most would counter that they are still up
      $50k, and have nothing to worry about. But this is
      simply not true.

      No doubt, through hard work,
      you saved $60,000, (probably more). But since you
      have only one life, you will never know if you could
      have saved more by making better
      career/educational/social choices earlier in life. You can only wonder
      where you would be now had you pursued a PhD or an MBA
      or even professional golf.

      Imagine yourself
      taking a different path 10 years ago. You are now a
      professional belly dancer, touring all of South America. You
      are famous and enormously wealthy.

      But because
      you did not take the belly-dancer fork in the road,
      you lost big time! An opportunity that cost you say,
      5 million. In that respect a $20k loss is chump
      change. You've already lost $4,940,000. What's another
      $20,000? (I know it doesn't feel that way though, because
      you have to make a living with what you have...
      that's why they say invest only risk

      Even Warren Buffet says his biggest mistakes are
      errors of ommission...

      If it'll make you feel any
      better, look at Greg, AKA Napart, AKA YKWTFIAM (You Know
      Who The Fuck I Am).... he down $100,000 from the
      peak... and has been mysteriously silent lately. Greg,
      You still there? :-)

    • I am tired of being called names, freaks and
      I am tired of being told that baby investors are
      supporting me.
      Please kids. Let's all respect each other.
      Warren works every day. I work every day. You work every
      day. We all invest..let's have respect.

      • 2 Replies to gailrick
      • Problem is, some people don't work!
        posting their message on this board are
        the typical
        non-Gates types of surfers,
        nothing to do, surfing in
        their office
        on company time, while their boss is
        not watching!

        BTW, these people aren't genuine
        BRK owners,
        they are just trying to .... I don't
        know what their
        purposes are, I don't need to waste
        time thinking
        about this.

        Our country will
        see her GNP leapfrog
        if these people will wake up
        and DO SOME REAL WORK!

      • Lets wait until a stock gets to its all time
        high; buy it; then cry like a little baby and (worse
        yet) blame somebody like the chairman for the stock
        price falling.

        I'm wondering exactly how you
        expect Warren Buffett to reach out and help you? Well...
        how can he?

        Buy a box of tissue and go away.
        Not for 3 months (a long term period for someone as
        immature as you) but about 5 years. You will very likely
        make a nice amount of money.

        But, of course,
        you want your money now. Just like the kindergarded
        twins I have at home. They think 5 seconds is a long
        time and they blame me when they are

        Come to my house. You fit in nicely.

    • No one is ever happy when the stock tanks big
      time. I know you said you got in at 84. I'm
      Since I invested a while back, this just looks like a
      real correction to me. While I don't like it, my
      percentage gain is still substantial the last couple years.

      I wish I knew how to predict the market
      turnarounds better. I would have been out day 7 of the
      turndown. All I know how to do is buy and hold just like I
      really own the company. Isn't that silly? When I did own
      a company, I held on in downturns so I could make
      money in upturns. Again, I must be silly. It did work
      without fail though...hmmmmmm..

    • Do you have any capital gains to absorb your
      paper loss? If so, take the gains and use the proceeds
      to buy the same number of BRK.A shares. More than a
      month later, sell your original "A" shares.

      you have no capital gains to absorb your paper loss,
      please hang on to your original "A" shares. Then, look
      back 10-15 years from now.

      I went through the
      later episode during 1987 ("A" dropped >50% intraday
      from my latest purchase price!).

      Best of luck,

    • I'm glad to see that you're still around! I want
      you to know
      that I bought at the same time you
      did. So far, I've seen a
      25% decline. However, what
      can you do? The entire market is
      sputtering. This
      may not mean much, but I FEEL YOUR PAIN--
      me I do.
      I'm just looking at this from the long
      perspective. In 10-15
      yrs. this should provide a much
      better return than my
      I just wanted to express some encouragement to a
      investor in the same boat.

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