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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Sep 4, 1998 4:58 PM Flag

    Is BRKA a Good Buy? A historical perspec

    .........we haven't heard from you in a while. Hope everything worked out O.K for you personally in August.........bobo

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    • Well since I've been away it seems the market has
      turned in Buffetts favor so maybe DOE is correct and I
      should wait for the next "announcement".

      As far
      as MY situation is concerned, and I know a lot of
      you are interested, I have to volunteer 240 hours of
      time to my local library. I've got 40 under my belt
      and am scheduled for 16 per week and I'm trying to
      get few more hours in at the local food bank to get
      this over. I guess you might call my legal situation a
      cake walk considering the possiblities I was facing.
      I've come away from it clean, sober, and a whole lot
      more humble.

      As I've said, I have enough cash
      to buy one more "A" but it would leave me very
      little cushion and considering the fact that I no longer
      am making money through self employment.

      is strange, I own 5 shares of class "A" and don't
      have an income and the prospect of reporting to an
      employer is something I thought I'd never have to do. I
      had a little business for 9 years and was swamped
      with orders that I couldn't fill. My customers went to
      another source and I'm all done.


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