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  • Agassi__1 Agassi__1 Sep 22, 1998 7:24 AM Flag

    Did WEB buy anything lately?

    The press mentions he has 9 Billions cash. Yahoo profile indicates about 7 billions cash. Is the Yahoo profile out of date by that much?

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    • There are hundreds of people in the investment
      community that track Buffet as best they can. Public
      documents do not tell what he is trading. Officially, we
      only get the largest positions, once a year. I am
      surprised be admitted his cash position at the special
      meeting. We should get the total investments position at
      the quarter, that is the most current
      I have seen.
      A couple of billion in a $40 billion
      is close.

      But we know Berkshire has been hit
      by drops in Disney, Gillette,
      American Express,
      Coca Cola, and Travelers. If the Gen Re deal doesn't
      go through this year, I am not sure there will be
      much per share book value growth this year. But BRK is
      very well positioned for the future and most of the
      operating subsidiaries are doing very well: GEICO, Flight
      Safety, Dairy Queen, Buffalo News, etc.,etc. And Buffet
      always seems to make profits trading.

      Again a
      couple of billion here and there is not much for BRK any

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      • As Buffett says, "good ideas for investing are
        like patents and should not be broadcasted" (might not
        have the exact quote, but close enough). I agree with
        his approach of only disclosing the largest

        So far as Coke and some of the stock
        prices going sideways, this has happened before. There
        will always be some stock prices that advance and some
        that don't in a portfolio within a year.

        make a good point about the quality of the other
        permanent holdings.

      • That was a good entry point for more stocks. Maybe next year, we'll know WEB new position on AXP, among others.

      • DIS,KO, al.....per
        charlestonideas. Yes, and even poor little ol' Tupperware was on
        the news feeds yesterday as taking a thump. I didn't
        know this, but it seems that TUP does big numbers in
        Latin/South America and is a victim of their market
        woes........Oh well.....bought a Washington Post this
        morning.....special Clinton G.J. edition....weighs over a pound and
        still only a quarter at the newsstand.......the beat
        goes on.......

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