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  • Charlestonideas Charlestonideas Sep 26, 1998 10:45 AM Flag

    WEB asked to bail out Long Term Capital

    According to the Wall Street Journal Sept 24 and
    25, Warren
    Buffett was invited to bailout Long
    Term Capital Management by Goldman Sachs, one of his

    Fortunately for BRKA and BRKB stockholders, he politely

    I think he had enough of Wall Street bailouts
    during his Salomon days, you know, once burned twice

    Again, he is still like an oversexed President in a
    sorority house. $30 billion in cash and appreciated bonds
    and more opportunites knocking at his door every day.

    If you have enought money, opportunites will find
    you. As BRK stockholders, we should benefit.

    should be a great show.

    And we even have his
    gardener checking on to the WEB page!

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    • I found it interesting that the subject of
      Warren's gardener has come up. This is because I am his
      official lawn and landscaping service. Have been for many
      years. He is a great man to work for even if he hadn't
      made me a bundle of money by recommending Berkshire to
      me about 15 years ago. Now I only landscape because
      I love it. My Berkshire holdings have taken the
      need for an income out of the picture. Now that I have
      corected that error I will return to lurking for another
      6000 posts. Keep up the good banter.

      • 1 Reply to MakinMonyOnSidelines
      • My mother is from Linwood Nebr about 40 miles
        outside of Omaha.
        When I went to the annual meeting
        this year, I went out to the
        old farm that has
        been in the family since 1870.

        Went to the
        cemetery where my mother's grandparents were

        They were all immigrants in Linwood in 1870--Czechs,
        Swedes, and

        The farm is still there
        producing 125 bushels of corn an acre,
        but the original
        family is all gone.

        They are all rich and live in
        Florida and California and have
        multimillion, even
        billion dollar portfolios!

        Others are growing up
        smart on that Nebraska soil!!

        Only in
        Only in America!

        Yeah Jerry Yang

    • of the news feeds also reporting
      that last weekend Long Term Cap. Mgt. went to Geo.
      Soros for an infusion of cash and he similarly
      declined..........but hey, why mess around begging for cash from
      private investor billionaires when you can get Alan
      Greenspan to front your cause.......Washington always works
      on the "big hogs first" theory.....i.e." let the big
      hogs get to the trough first, and they'll slop enough
      over so the little hogs get a taste".........the beat
      goes on.......

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