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  • CheapAutoInsurance CheapAutoInsurance Sep 27, 1998 10:40 PM Flag

    S&P Futures up 5, and

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    • >>> If GRNLZ cost $2.50 instead of 12.50 I would be buying them by a truckload. <<<
      Yes! Me too... it's rare to find options that are worth buying.

    • See the comment by WEB's multimillionaire

      It is hard to feel too concerned about someone with
      $9B in cash
      and $20B in appreciated municipal and
      treasury bonds.

      I am supposed to get excited and
      short BRK tomorrow?

      WEB must be like an
      oversexed President in a sorority house.
      1999-2000 may
      be the best buying opportunity since
      BRKA was as low as 45 then. And $30 billion in cash
      and little debt!

      I doubt TRV is going out of
      business either.

      Any recommendations on good

      I am getting ready to load up on BRK options for my
      charity, the "I Have a Dream" Foundation.

      Could buy
      BRK for 40-50K in the next few months.

      I was
      just working on an $800 million estate, all BRKA
      acquired in the 60's.

      Got any real news?

    • I think TRV is also vested in LTCM (see TRV message board), and since WEB owns so much TRV, he has an indirect interest in LTCM. Comments, anyone?

    • <<<OEX out of the money puts went up 70%
      today. That is today, Sept 30, 1998 AD in the good old

      Don't you wish you had studied your math a lot

      Well, I wish I knew some kind of math that would let me
      win the next Powerball Jackpot too.

      options lottery is like powerball to be if I do not see
      an underpriced option.

      I mean, you still have
      to prove to me that GRNLZ options are underpriced. I
      think that they are priced about right for someone who
      cannot do a dynamic hedge.

      So far you failed to
      make the proof, instead making cheap shots at Infernal

      But I still have hopes.

      If GRNLZ cost $2.50
      instead of 12.50 I would be buying them by a truckload.
      But at $12.50, I would rather buy more GRN.

    • .... that's what he probably did.
      Good luck to all.

    • You might go back to the sixth grade.

      recommend the Kumon Institute.

      You should look into

      But there is hope, try reading your Bible!

      Kippur today!

      Someone needed to tell you, you
      were profoundly stupid!

      Only in America. What
      would happen to you in China!

    • And it is so easy and cheap with Web Street

      Hey, that almost sounds like an

      No, that is an endorsement, stupid. There I go
      talking to myself again.

      OEX out of the money puts
      went up 70% today. That is today,
      Sept 30, 1998 AD
      in the good old USA.

      Don't you wish you had
      studied your math a lot more!

      It beats rolling
      pennies all day!

    • Salomon Brothers guy, Merriweather. You got to
      know how to steal if you work at Salomom.

      smart by a half. Too smooth by three

      People are already picketing Scholes' home in

      "If your'e so smart, why are you working with that
      crook Merriweather."

      And we thought Slick Willy
      was bad, he didn't lose a trillion
      dollars! You
      know trillion as in twelve zeroes.

      This is what
      the Check looks


      I once tried to cash a billion dollar check and
      there were a lot of excited clerks at that

      Things are getting more like the Persian Gulf emirates
      every day.

    • Charleston is a great town.

      As long as you
      don't make your money here.

      Last in the country
      in education, but the private schools are
      Maids are cheap here. Real Estate is cheap.

      as nice as San Diego or Santa Barbara but getting

      OEX out of the money puts went up 70%

      Only in America.

    • i used to trade options retail ,in early 80's my
      stragety was to only buy calls that had only 30 day's ti;;
      they not paying alot for time
      permium.also they had to be under $1.00 that way if you buy 10
      contracts if they double you at least get YOUR MONEY backif
      you sell half ifi got a thrd i was out no matter what
      i made 80,000 in two mo.i also gave them $20,000 to
      learn this lesson ,the more voiatile yhe market is you
      have abetter chance of making money, YOU MUST KNOW THE

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