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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Sep 30, 1998 5:42 PM Flag


    ......early in Sept, I predicted on this board
    that by months end we would have ......a new BRK
    company......a new home run record of 70.........a new prime
    rate .......and a new President......oh well, 2 out of
    4 ain't bad........

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    • WEB must be like an oversexed president in a
      sorority house with
      $30-40 billion to invest in good
      companies over the next few years.

      Did you hear
      about the bidding war for Monica's first
      Oprah bowed out, she is only worth $700

      Probably going to be Ross Perot interviewing Monica.
      can hear him now: "I told you, so." "I told you so."

    • How about those 30 yr Treasury

      Less than 5%

      Who said Reagan didn't have it
      right--end the cold war
      by beating the Russians and we
      would have a balanced budget.

      Unfortunately, the
      guy has lost his mind and doesn't know he

      And then Slick Willy gets all the credit!

      the Simpson's are almost on, back to serious

      By the way, out of the money Oct Oex's at 465 were
      up 70% today,
      covered all my losses on

      Life just isn't fair, life just isn't fair.

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      • >>>By the way, out of the money Oct
        Oex's at 465 were up 70% today, covered all my losses
        on BRK.>>

        Congratulations! Ok. Here's
        my victory story... Sold one of my BrkA's and bought
        AMD at 13 1/8 and sold at 20 1/2.... really cool
        profit ... little more than $30k. For you buy and hold
        guys,... sorry, I just couldn't resist the temptation.
        I'll be buying my Brky back in a few days... after the
        wash sale period is over... take a tax loss, and my
        cap gains is free!

        I'm not rich, so I'm still
        counting my pennies...

    • Tender loving care, for those who have no nurses
      for friends.

      Everybody believes in the
      market, but when it dumps him, he runs to the government
      and asks for help. OK, the Fed only conducted the
      orchestra here, didn't actually play an

      Notice how farmers, who a couple of years ago were
      yelling to be free from government controls, have now
      over-produced and driven prices of commodities down past the
      point where they would have any profits?

      If I
      owned stock in Merrill Lynch, which I do not, even
      though they do my buying and selling, I would be furious
      that the boss, who has a stake in LTC (why doesn't he
      put all his money in his own company, as WEB does?)
      is getting Merrill Lynch to help bail out his bad
      investment. Isn't this self dealing?

      And before you
      dump too hard on professors, remember what Ben Graham
      did for his daily bread.

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