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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Oct 4, 1998 11:57 PM Flag

    Here we go........

    ..........strap yourselves in............N.Y.
    Times will break story tomorrow that Japans largest 19
    banks have admitted "acute" capital levels have fallen to "dangerous lows"
    this how it's gonna start?

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    • I didn't know you actually frequented quality
      boards... just the CD group! As you are fully aware, this
      is by far the best board I have encountered, mostly
      because I rarely post on it! :)


    • Several things occur as possible ways to
      recognize the unique CEO we have here.

      1. An award,
      with a suitable ceremony, for the best annual report
      by an American company each year. I think there may
      be one of these already, but if not, we could get
      one going. WEB writes by far the best reports I

      2. Pick a new name for the sum of money WEB pays
      himself, 100K/year, and call it either a WEB or a Buffett.
      Then a CEO who gets his board to pay him a million,
      say, would be said to earn 10 Buffetts. Sheer shame as
      he compares himself to WEB ought to get him to
      temper his demands.

      3. I would say someone ought
      to write a book, but since several good ones are
      already out there, I have been anticipated.

    • I am sorry to say that I have ill spent many
      hours on the CD board. It has been a very sad place to
      be. Nothing however points out the value of the
      personal integrity and honesty of Warren Buffett better
      than the poor service provided to the shareholders of
      CD by their management. For those who do not fully
      appreciate what we have here in Munger and Buffett, they
      should spend some time watching Henry Silverman and
      Walter Forbes.

    • There are no options on BRK

      However, there still are options on GRN stock. General Re
      corporation used to be a separate insurance company, ubt now
      it is definitely merging with Berkshire. So its
      stock is a proxy for Berkshire stock, and options on
      GRN may be considered options on BRK.

      Go to, for example.

      Have fun investing.

    • Are you from the Cendant board or from the Boston Chicken board? I remember seeing you somewhere out there.

    • i didnt knew there were options on BRK
      you give me the option exchange where they are listed
      and their symbol ?
      if possible website where to
      follow them
      in belgium where i live berkshire is
      relativly unknown
      so help appreciated

    • You remind of posters I have seen on other boards. My considered opinion is that you have no credibility. I think you are a fraud.

    • How did all you other mental giants do!

      options on BRK doubled this week.

      The best is yet
      to come.

      1248 Corporation, Zurich

      ever known a gnome that weighed 280 lbs and still

      Good trading next week, I am in Vegas now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chuck sez:

      "U of Cal is good. Chicago is
      better. I was fortunate to have great mentors at Cal and
      do seminal research work in high school,
      undergraduate, and graduate!

      [ snip, yadda yadda, met
      Nobelist, yadda yadda... UCLA... ]"

      you know, the only seminal work of yours that we're
      seeing on these boards is your own

      - infernal

    • There will be a rude stain on my mba diploma. Maybe i should drop out.

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