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  • dterry6 dterry6 Dec 23, 1998 10:49 PM Flag

    BRKA sellers or non-owners

    Simply put: if you don't have the money, too bad
    and i feel sorry for you

    for those of us who
    do: if you dont own berkshire as a core holding of at
    least 50% of your portfolio, YOU ARE BRAIN DEAD!

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    • New house, New job, New era for BRK, Wife is open
      to my ideas...

      As Prince used to say; tonight
      I'm going to party like it's


      PS: Iggy, If you rapid fire your shotgun you can warm
      your hands up by holding onto the barrel, a good way
      to stay comfortable while you're waiting for the
      green heads.


    • So far, it's been a wonderful holiday. I must
      admit, though, it would have been much better if my
      bumbling full-service broker had been able to find the
      stock symbol for BRKB on Tuesday afternoon with 9
      minutes left in the trading session. I could have gotten
      it at the absolute recent low (1950), and now, two
      days later, it's at 2250+. I think I'm going to
      discounters exclusively. More and more, I'm discovering that
      the "full-service" guys are just "order takers" in
      disguise, looking for exhorbitant fees for "doing nothing."
      Cheers, and the best of holidays. ljh

    • bobo, y'all don't shoot your feet off, ya hear?

      To all, have a wonderful holiday!


      - *nf*rn*l

    • ...and to all!

    • Merry christmas to you too!!!

      I filled all
      available stockings with BRK certificates for myself...
      What a nice Christmas present Web gave us when GRN was
      about to close for trading... May your beat go

      Did you see my question about shooting in cold

    • AsianBuffett: I hope you get everything you
      Ignoramus: Keep fighting the good fight. Logic rules.

      Greg: Have a Happy F*cking New Year

      Profit to all.

    • ..........Merry Christmas!......... and here's hoping that Santa fills your stockings with certificates of BRK.........the beat goes on.....bobo

    • <<<"Or, for that matter, better than
      dumping BRK "because it lacks price support", like our
      catch20two or kancer just did. :)"

      not the problem ig. BRK lacks "sponsershit". :)

      Oh yeah, how could I forget. The talking heads do
      not talk about BRK as much as is required.

    • What kind of message (#9062)is that? Let me
      preface my comments: I have a lot of friends with
      inherited money, and am not jealous. Although my father is
      broke and sells used cars, I hope to leave a sizable
      amount for my children and grandchildren when I go
      (after teaching them to work hard toward goals, maintain
      character, and live well within their means). I'm at 500K
      net with many years ahead.

      That said, I think
      you're an offensive 22-year-old punk ("if you don't have
      the money, too bad"). My measely Berkshire B holdings
      constitute only 10% of my portfolio, and frankly I don't
      consider a 142 IQ and two advanced degrees "brain dead".
      Unless you founded a software or internet company at age
      17, I congratulate you for not selling your grandma's
      A shares and blowing it on booze and new cars. If I
      stick to my current plan, I and my children will own a
      few A shares then maybe, just maybe, you'll give us
      that modicum of respect we've worked so hard for, oh
      wise one.

      • 2 Replies to bmick98
      • hey pal, it was my great aunt's B shares... 500k my ass... what is the other 90% of your portfolio... an sp 500 index fund...moron...

      • I think that you and the previous guy had a
        different definition of "brain dead". You think of raw
        brainpower, whereas he thought about wise use of available

        I think that a person can have a 142 IQ, be a
        brilliant computer programmer or whatever and still be
        brain dead when it comes to investing. (just as Warren
        Buffett may be brain dead when it comes to computer

        If a person has stumbled upon BRK, has done
        valuation and does not have most of their money in it
        today, they are either 1) brain dead or 2) Have better
        investing opportunities than WEB does.

        That's just
        pure logic.

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