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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Feb 7, 1999 12:24 PM Flag

    Buffett should split stock.

    ..........."I think you have a better chance of a
    'C' share being added, than a split."............if
    not a "C" share then perhaps a BRK "
    preferred".........which was provided for under the terms of the
    merger.........I would like to be a fly on the wall at Standard &
    Poor when they discuss the BRK conundrum: too big to
    be ignored.........too small a volume to be
    included.......Oh ,by the way, a while back you questioned why I
    [or anyone else] would want to deal with a full
    service does @$17
    sound?... or eBay @$18?..........

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    • Article by NY Times (posted on another

      To: +jhg_in_kc
      From: +Madafas Anusam

      Sunday, Feb 7 1999 11:06AM ET

      Digging Into
      Berkshire Turns Up a Best Seller

      Paine Webber's
      pioneering research report on Berkshire Hathaway,
      E. Buffett's celebrated holding company, is proving
      to be a literary hit rivaling the chairman's own
      annual letter to shareholders.

      Despite an
      initial order of 10,000 copies, triple the usual run,
      supplies are running short, and a second printing is
      expected, probably in a matter of weeks, according to Alice
      D. Schroeder, the author.

      She is the first
      analyst on Wall Street to bring an insurance perspective
      to the study of Berkshire, which has often been
      regarded -- especially before its acquisition last year of
      General Re -- as little more than a shrewdly assembled
      stock portfolio.

      Ms. Schroeder, who began
      researching Berkshire last summer, was
      subsequently asked
      by Buffett, who was impressed with her approach, to
      be his designated analyst. In the fall he invited
      her to Omaha, where Berkshire is based, to provide
      access to managers who could help her put the wealth of
      publicly available information on Berkshire into

      Paine Webber could not say how much of
      the demand for copies of Ms. Schroeder's 54-page
      report was from outsiders, but many investors clearly
      think enough of it to pay $540 for it, or $10 a page, a
      not unheard-of cost for superior Wall Street work.
      Paine Webber customers get copies free.

      Berkshire's A shares soared $11,500 during the first three
      trading days last week, closing on Wednesday at $76,500,
      before retreating to $71,600 on Friday. This was still
      well short of the intrinsic value of between $91,000
      and $97,000 that Ms. Schroeder assigned to the stock
      in her report.

      As for Buffett's own next
      publishing effort, this year's Berkshire annual report is to
      be mailed in mid-March. It contains "a few
      surprises" about this year's shareholder meeting, to be held
      May 3, according to a Berkshire spokeswoman. On-line
      access to Buffett's latest thinking, at, is to be available on March 13.

      D. Hershey Jr.
      The New York Times
      7, 1999

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