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  • xyberlinks2 xyberlinks2 Apr 25, 1999 7:35 PM Flag

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    • Just some interesting facts. The jet on display at the meeting will sell for $44,000,000 each. Exec Jet has purchased nine of them.

    • Having Ron Ferguson on the board is a problem for
      Gen Re. GEICO is a competitor of many of its clients.
      In addition, National Indemnity, while making lots
      of money, hasn't made many friends among Gen Re's
      client base. Ferguson would be a nice addition to the
      board, but potential downside/perception of conflict of
      interest by clients outweighs advantages.

      believe for a second that Ferguson is on the way out due
      to Cologne Life Re/Unicover.

      All the best!

    • I agree, the Jet was incredible - right out of
      lifestyles of the rich and richer! It seemed to be
      generating a lot of intereste and questions! I believe that
      jets based on the mock up model on display will become
      available for use in mid summer.

      Met and talked to
      lots of interesting people.


    • "The DOW will continue to defy gravity..."

      Is this the type of statement made during a market
      top? In any case Mr. Buffett is a more intelligent
      investor than I'll ever be, which is why I chose to give
      my money to him to invest. This way I can free my
      mind and time to work hard at what I do.

      To all
      those who question why he's holding cash and why he
      doesn't buy internet stocks, I pose two questions. First,
      when the market does suffer a downturn (and it will),
      name the company that will be best prepared to take
      advantage of the low prices? Secondly, since Mr. Buffett's
      method of calculating the value of a company says
      internet stocks prices are high, should he buy? (hint: buy
      low, sell high)


    • GMULAW

      Thanks for your response here's the
      response to your point of view (POV)...

      1. I agree
      with you about internet valuations but you cannot
      extrapolate that to the whole market

      2. Why didnt
      warren buffet used all his cash when the market took a
      dip last summer for few days

      3. As far why the
      market went down last summer was probably because of the
      LTM crisis combined with the asian and latin american
      crisis which caused a temporary sell off .. but remember
      it was so brief that if you walked out of the market
      you would have lost out...

      4. Also remember
      the level of DOW at a given time is the collective
      intelligence and sentiment of all players in the market place
      and that can be different than what you, me or warren
      buffet thinks..

      5. My main question to you is why
      didnt warren buffet used his cash when market took a
      dip last summer and why is he screaming now that the
      market is over valued.. there is a disconnect.. and
      please note i am not talking about internet stocks ..
      because at any given time a small segment of the stock
      market may have a euphoria and another segment may have
      a depressive phase built in... for example gold
      stocks are depressed.. you have to look at the whole

      6. By the way i am a fan of Warren Buffet but even
      the legends cant be right all the time...even he
      agreed that he made a stupid mistake of selling stocks
      of McDonalds which doubled after he sold... so i
      think one has to be careful with what others say and
      look at the bigger picture.. no one person has all the
      answers... Warren doesnt have a single cent invested in the
      high tech market.. on which america's future is being
      built.. but that's ok too.. because he doesnt have to
      have all the answers..

      Again look at the bigger
      picture United States is the supreme economic and
      industrial power and our economy is growing at a tremendous
      rate with virtually no inflation and productivity rate
      is up ... all this means... economic marvel.. thanks
      to Alan Greenspan and the incorporation of high
      technology and the information super highway/ internet
      ...The DOW will continue to defy gravity... agreed we
      may see temporary pull backs .. but the future is
      very good ... so sit back and enjoy the

      Thanks for your pov and if you would like to add to this
      will be great


    • Was a great day in Omaha. 15,000 in attendance,
      and myself. Loads of questions. Bumped into
      M.Eisner(Disney), I live in Lincoln (50 miles away). Warren and
      Charlie scarfed down several Cokes, Warren his regular
      Cherry, and Charlie Diet Coke. Also had quite a bit of
      peanut brittle. I got jealous so I had to buy some on my
      way out. Was real good. Shareholders from all over,
      Australia, England, and all the states of America. Lots of
      questions asked, mostly Warren answering, Charlie
      participated some, but Warren knew what he was talking about
      all the time. I'll be back next year that's for sure.
      Coke logo's everywhere, Free gift was a Coke bottle
      with commerative logo Berkshire Hathaway meeting 1999
      on it. Enjoyed seeing the Exe Jet, wow just one ride
      would be enough for me, beautiful. Only problem was you
      have to buy a min. of 50 hours a year. Little over my
      budget. Great Time, I loved it. Best!

    • DId anybody ask Buffett if he bought any of his own stock back, especially when it reach a low between $57,000 to $60,000?

      What did he say? If he said no, did he explain why?

    • WEB said that the invitation is still out there, but as of today, he is not on the board.

      He feels that by being on the board, it might "limit him."

    • From the TV and news articles it looked like
      there were some Big Investors there. Eisener (from
      Disney) was even there.

      Here' a quote from the
      article I posted:

      "Carr is betting the stock will
      do just fine for years. His firm bought more shares
      last year and now has about 10 percent of its $2
      billion in assets invested in Berkshire, the highest
      ever. Carr said the stock is worth well over $100,000 a
      Class A share. Berkshire Class A shares closed today at

      Buffett amassed a stock portfolio and group of businesses
      that will hold up for years, said Shelby M.C. Davis,
      chief investment officer at Davis Selected Advisers
      L.P., which manages $20 billion in New York. ``The
      older he gets, the smarter and wiser he gets,'' Davis
      said in the halls of Aksarben Coliseum, where the
      meeting was held. ``If somebody was succeeding him, they
      might just look for opportunities to add'' to the
      company's existing stockholdings."

    • One of the articles that mentions an investior
      viewing Berkshire A shares intrinsic value as being
      greater than

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