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    • No question Buffet is an extremely smart man, his
      success is a function of seeing the market through clear
      eyes, even as old as he is still has the vision. Buffet
      sicks to the basics and does not get ruffled by
      "irrational exhubrance" or trying to keep up with the Jones"
      or in this case Gates. Just look at the guy he lives
      in the same small house longer than Gates has been
      alive. Buffet understands the tech market, regardless of
      what he says, he also understands that the future is
      so uncertain that he's not taking the risk. Buffets
      day to kick butt will come soon, the economy is very
      artificially inflated right now, Warren is just "working the
      room" right now just waiting for the right time to go
      out like a shark and buy low and
      hoooooooooollllllldddd. No matter what anyone says about the tech sector
      and Warren being an old man who doesn't understand
      computers, its the business fundamentals "bread and butter
      basics" that all companies survive on.

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