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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Jul 10, 1999 11:52 AM Flag

    For WEB to attend a conference.....

    like this; is like putting a Stratavaris in the
    hands of an Orangutan...there's a million guys that
    would give their left nut to sit down in a room with
    Gates,Case,Yang,Bezos et. al.....but whatta' ya bet Buffett will come
    home and invest our money in jelly donuts and ice
    cream again.......the beat goes on.....July 10,
    1999Internet Executives Dominate Spotlight at Herb Allen
    rollers from Hollywood to Wall Street to Silicon Valley
    converged in this resort town for the 17th annual media and
    technology conference organized by investment banker Herbert
    Allen Jr. While stars like Oprah Winfrey and Candice
    Bergen were on hand, the real spotlight this year was on
    top executives of companies like, America
    Online, and Yahoo! The Internet is changing the media and
    entertainment landscape, and nowhere was that more evident than
    at this year's conference. Indeed, missing from this
    year's list of attendees were Time Warner chairman
    Gerald Levin, Seagram's chief executive Edgar Bronfman
    Jr. and Walt Disney's chairman Michael Eisner. Four
    years ago, Eisner and Thomas Murphy, head of Capital
    Cities Communications, got together at the conference
    and hatched a plan to combine their companies in a
    $19 billion deal. Since then, interest and
    speculation around the annual event has soared. This year,
    however, traditional media companies are more likely to be
    on the prowl for hot Internet properties. The
    conference, which ends Sunday, had a series of discussions
    and seminars aimed at blending new technology with
    old. One meeting on Thursday featured Steve Jobs and
    his Pixar animation company, which gained fame in the
    movie industry for its role in the making of Antz and
    Toy Story. On Friday, the schedule included

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    • On Friday, the schedule included the topic ``The
      Internet And Our Lives,'' with participants including NBC
      News anchor Tom Brokaw, Dell Computer chairman Michael
      Dell, founder Jeffrey Bezos, and Yahoo!
      co-founder Jerry Yang. A highlight was Saturday when
      Microsoft chairman Bill Gates participates in ``A
      Discussion With Warren Buffett.'' Steve Case, chairman and
      CEO of America Online, teamed up with Barry Diller,
      chairman and CEO of USA Networks Inc., and his one-time
      adversary Sumner Redstone, chairman and CEO, of Viacom Inc.
      to discuss ``Unparalleled Prosperity And A Troubled
      Society.'' The conference and its meetings are strictly off
      limits to the public and reporters, and the privacy is
      enforced by security guards instructed to discourage
      loitering outside the Sun Valley Inn and other venues.
      While members of the press stood nearby, eager to
      buttonhole passing VIPs, the locals in this exclusive resort
      town seemed unfazed by the gathering of powerbrokers.
      ``I don't think the people who live here care very
      much. We have the biggest concentration of millionaires
      in the country anyway,'' said Ed Youmans of
      neighboring Ketchum. ``It just takes up space at the

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