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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Sep 14, 1999 9:11 AM Flag

    Insider Trading

    "I used to wonder what the big deal about
    inflation was. If everything went up 20% and your salary
    also went up 20%, who cares? Why is inflation so
    feared by the fed? Mathematically it should work out to
    be the same.... Answer: Taxes. (if the tax rate was
    zero, Greenspan wouldn't care about inflation.)
    ".........more and more I'm becoming convinced that Greenspan is
    using inflation as a cover story.......IMHO his real
    agenda is to shrink the story said he
    felt that the productivity gains from technology have
    made the economy so strong that he could actually pop
    the bubble without causing a depression.....I think
    his shift away from inflation concerns began last
    summer with the hedge fund scare.........from that point
    on he began to turn his attention full time to Wall you guys know, time was; the market was
    relatively small in terms of public it's becoming the national pastime.........the
    beat goes on......

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