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  • ignoramus_ ignoramus_ Feb 8, 2000 4:39 PM Flag

    Hi there...

    Anyone remembers me? How have you been?

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    • Some idiot went overboard in the middle of the night. What's your story?

    • You long this jetsettin' juggernaut all of a sudden.?? You speak like you"re a shareholder. Please advise asap. Oao. Peace and tranquility.

    • I think you've got it backwards- it would be a 1 for 2 split.

    • saw that BRK broke below the 50K support level.
      This was a benchmark day. The titantic is taking in
      water. The Captain is pulling the general alarm. The
      lifeboats are being lowered. The smarter passengers are
      jumping on the lifeboats and paddling away. There will
      not be enough lifeboats for everyone. It is sad. Some
      believe this is a false alarm, and just roll over and go
      back to sleep. Once those precious few lifeboats
      paddle out to a safe distance, do you think anybody is
      coming back to take up more passengers?

    • 84000 was the high---42 will be a 2-1 split!!!!

    • read the financial statements very carefully, eh?
      Or perhaps the abuse of certain accounting policies
      just doesn't bother you.

      I've been panning them
      for a year, and now even the company warns about
      restating earnings.

      The smart money will start to
      leave well before Jan 2001. Beware.

      --Value Bear

    • The hairy eyeball is much worse than the "drop
      dead eyeball" or the "what planet are you from
      eyeball"...especially if it is accompanied by the raised eyebrow ;-)

      So with a combination of the hairy eyeball and the
      raised eyebrow...I had to explain to my hubby why the
      sell Cisco/buy Berkshire trade makes sense...and why
      he continues to allow me discretionary control over
      his account ;-)

      I really don't worry about
      rumors related to Berkshire, because Buffett's honesty,
      integrity and ethics are unmatched in the corporate world.
      If there is a "problem" in a certain part of the
      operations, he will handle it appropriately with full
      disclosure to shareholders. Berkshire is such a supertanker
      that it would have to hit a monstrous iceberg to leave
      a dent in the overall business.

      As Bob
      Stovall said on CNN this morning, you just have to look
      at the new lows list to see that insurance companies
      don't have a friend in the world right now. Everyone,
      especially Mr. Market, is giving them the hairy eyeball.
      That's precisely when the best buying opportunities
      appear. When Mr. Market is drunk with glee over a company
      like Cisco, his eyeballs tend to be glassy...and
      that's when you should sell.

    • " Don't know about you, but with Wall Street
      raising their price targets on Cisco and talking about a
      trillion dollar market cap...I'm feeling awfully queasy
      about my Cisco position. I'm just letting the nonsense
      run a wee bit longer, before I start cashing in some
      Cisco profits. "

      Trillion dollar market cap?
      Cisco is a great company, and very well managed, but
      it's possible to pay too much for anything.

      I'm not selling my CSCO, but I'm trying decide
      whether I'd rather put in a stop at about 110 or write a
      covered call. I figure I've made a bundle on this baby; I
      might as well either protect most of the profits or
      squeeze an option premium out of it to help me if it

    • support broken..
      It now looks like BRKA will go down to the low to mid 40's.

    • I have never in my life experienced a "hairy
      eyeball". I have experienced the "drop dead eyball", the "I
      pity your vast stupidity eyeball", and the "what plant
      are you from" eyeball. But never the "hairy eyeball"
      You really must tell me what one looks like :-)

      Wall Street isn't just ignoring BRK, it is fleeing
      BRK. The problem is that we don't really know why.
      When you think it is something that we all have read
      about (insurance industry, portfolio performance,
      etc..) you find out that there have been rumors floating
      around about derivative losses. These rumos were
      apparently too well heeled to make it down to our plebeian
      ears, but someone heard them and was concerned enoungh
      to provoke WEB to comment on them. What other rumors
      are circulating behind the scenes?

      Rumors are
      stupid, I agree. But if you are not aware of what the
      rumors are, how can you defend from or analyse their
      validity. What we need is someone close (really close) to
      the situation to level with us about what is being

      Now a long term investor should not care
      about rumors and if you really believe in the stock,
      you should be happy to have something as silly as a
      rumor allow you a temporary buying opportunity. But a
      lot of people here don't want any more buying
      opportunities and should be given the scoop about what is being
      said that is affecting their portfolios.

      my humble two cents.


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