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  • WEB_Copycat WEB_Copycat Mar 10, 2000 12:47 PM Flag

    Below 1400, I am going to buy some.

    Hi --

    Just keeping up with my posts when
    the stock was around $1500 and $1600 etc. (and all
    the way from $2300), I am going to buy a few around
    $1380 (where it is now) immediately after I post this
    message. At that time (when the price was 2300, 2200, etc.
    and so on and on), I thought that it would touch
    $1500 or $1600 and it did. But, the insurance market
    remained bad and we expect huge losses from GenRe. So,
    even at $1500, I was bearish and I still am. I have
    remained bearish for the short term and it will probably
    last the whole year. I don't believe that I can pick
    the real bottom and therefore, I will buy a little
    bit today. And, if does go to $1300 or $1200, I will
    buy some more. Even with the likely bad to very bad
    news over the weekend, it is worth my while (according
    to my long-term plans) to buy some at $1400. I am
    going to put a small amount in it (say, 10 "B"). [Yes,
    I had bought an "A" a month or so ago as I had
    posted that]. Of course, I am expecting the stock price
    to take a dive on Monday but as I have said many
    times, I am never 100% sure of myself. The odds are not
    too bad from a long run perspective.

    This does
    not mean that I am expecting huge returns even in the
    long run. It is simply that I hope to get reasonable
    returns over the next several years. In the short run, I
    doubt that I will make any money. If I do not make
    average returns even for a long run, so be it. If I do,
    so be it. More than anything, it is so much fun!!!
    [So far, I have not made average returns with BRK and
    in the long run, who knows -- aren't we supposed to
    be dead or something!!]

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